Mike Archibald is a writer, editor and die-hard cinephile. He lives and works in Vancouver.
End the year on a full stomach and a high note! From fine dining to dancing under the stars, these spots share the promise of New Year’s Eve festivity and culinary bliss. On December 31st, spoil yourself – you’ve earned it. [Photo courtesy of Wildebeest]
Want to look beautiful without having to worry about animal testing and scary chemical names? Looking great and feeling great can go together if you shop at the right places. Here’s where to buy natural beauty products in Vancouver.[Photo credit: iStock/dolgachov]
Have your Christmas presents become predictable? Stoke the yuletide flames with a romantic present for your special someone! Here are some top options for Vancouverites looking to give the gift of love. [Photo credit: iStock/PeopleImages]
For locals, it goes without saying that our Native art is a cultural treasure, and for tourists, it represents a resource for great discoveries. Vancouver is a hotspot for art collectors, with a wonderful range of options for purchasing. From Inuit to Northwest Coast, contemporary to classic, here are some key Native art galleries in the city. [Photo courtesy of Lattimer Gallery]
One of Burnaby’s most culturally rich neighbourhoods, the Heights looks back to a time before corporate uniformity triumphed over the Greater Vancouver area. Small businesses dominate, carrying on traditions and giving true value to their customers. Among those businesses are these eateries, each of them not only lip-smackingly good, but also owned and operated locally.
Coins, stamps, cards and more – this is where the action is for collectors in Vancouver. The folks at these stores have as much knowledge about their trade as you can fit in a human brain; give them your attention and you’ll get a real lesson. Most importantly, they’re all fair and honest.
I’m proud to live in one of the most inviting cities in the world. From panoramic views and lush greenery to high-end cuisine and thriving multiculturalism, Vancouver has a lot to offer and a lot to share with out of towners. Here are just a few of the things that make this city a top travel destination
Away from the civic hype, the tourists and the photo-snappers, here are the display galleries that draw me in week after week. These local Vancouver galleries support Canadian art in all its embattled glory; they may be small, but their power over me is strong.
For downtown workers, casual strollers stepping off the Seawall, or just folks with a taste for good meals and drinks, look no further than these Coal Harbour spots. These inviting cafés and eateries are all ideal destinations to chill out while consuming tasty fare. Whether you’re an overwhelmed tourist, a panting jogger or a backlogged businessman, you can’t go wrong with these daytime establishments.
Diversity: it’s what we thrive on as Canadians. So why do we so often forget about it when it comes to movies? Here’s a list of outfits in Vancouver where you can find alternatives beyond the mainstream: foreign, cult, revivals and more. There’s a wider world of cinema out there, and here’s how to get to it.
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