Minh Nguyen is a freelance researcher, communications consultant and copywriter living in the south shore of Montreal. He loves being in Montreal and enjoys spending his paycheques discovering great restaurants and hidden gems in used bookstores. He’s an unrepentant geek and comic books are a part of his monthly bills, just like electricity and telecommunications.
There are a number of absolute truths in this world. One is that the earth is round, and another is that Montrealers love Portuguese chicken. This guide won't tell you all about the roundness of the earth, but it will reveal the flavourful and delicious options for marinated grilled Portuguese chicken in Montreal. [Image credit: iStock.com/Paul_Brighton]
Montreal is known for its musical scene, but a musical landscape is only as strong as its independent record stores. Without these places, independent artists would get next to no exposure. Luckily, Montreal matches its excellent number of musicians with an equally excellent series of record stores. So, dive deep and take a look at the city's premier record stores. [Image credit: iStock.com/Mypurgatoryyears]
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