The Food Divas have been frequenting Montreal restaurants onThursdays since 2011. Montreal is known for its French cuisine (and we love our tartare), so we tend to go to French restaurants. In some (most) circles, we are known for causing trouble, therefore, our Thursday nights are reserved for plotting, drinking (getting tipsy) and eating great food (gluttonous indulgence) with great company (an unholy alliance).
We’re all about spending our summer evenings on a terrace sipping cocktails! Some of these terraces serve food, some don’t at all, but they are all about enjoying cocktails on a hot summer night in Montreal. [Image credit:]
Summer just doesn't seem to want to leave us this year! Soak up the last few rays of the season or welcome fall by dining out on one of Montreal's top terraces. From authentic pizza al taglio to the freshest oysters you can find, there's a little something for every set of tastes. [Image credit:]
Montreal is lucky to have so many restaurants that specialize in fresh fish and seafood. The city is also fortunate to be fostering an effort to support ocean-friendly, sustainable seafood, which means you can feel confident that your dinner was caught or farmed in a fashion that ensures the long-term vitality of the species. Hungry yet? Check out these top spots.
When you think of late-night eats, you think of different staples depending on where you are roaming (or drinking) in the city. But instead of the usual pizza, noodles, or poutine, why not try something a little more gourmet? These spots meet our exceptionally high standards for delicious food that is more than just greasy fuel for your belly.
You're craving for some great pasta? Where else than Little Italy could you go to satisfy your Italian appetite? [Photo: Restaurante Lucca]
Old Montreal is a great part of town where you can find great pasta dishes any time of the year. Here's a glimpse of what you can enjoy there!
What does comfort food mean to you? We believe it’s important to indulge in life, and with that comes a lot of food. So forget the usual comfort food dishes - to us, comfort food is rich, hearty and filling, like homemade charcuterie, foie gras or lardo. We are here to redefine your definition of comfort food.
The Japanese izakaya is quickly taking over the Montreal restaurant scene. In case you’re wondering: an izakaya is a Japanese pub that serves tapas-style dishes, and Montreal has plenty of them to choose from. Kampai!
Some people love brunch. And we won’t argue, we do as well, but don’t expect us to show up before noon on a weekend - it’s just not happening. That is, unless you book a table at one of the restaurants below - then we’ll make the effort to show up a little earlier because they’re just THAT good, and why not treat oneself to a fabulous Diva-approved brunch during the holidays!
Everyone loves Italian food and when it comes to desserts and pastries, you’ll be hard pressed to find more delicious treats! Whether you’re craving a traditional cannoli, Italian cookies or special occasion delicacies like zeppoles, here are some of the best Italian bakeries in Montreal.
There are three types of sushi in Montreal, the sushi we don’t eat, affordable sushi that’s delicious, and out-of-this-world sushi that will blow your mind! This list is the perfect mix of affordable sushi restaurants that do not skimp out on quality for cost, and sushi restaurants that set out to impress you and take you on a foodie adventure!
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