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Just east of downtown Montreal, Gay Village is a leading destination for local residents and tourists alike. In addition to its many restaurants, some of which have terraces, its proximity to the Quartier des spectacles naturally attracts those who seek a good meal after a play or concert.
Whether your event is personal or professional, the first step is choosing the right setting. Do you prefer greenery rather than concrete? Nothing could be easier: simply head to one of the many golf clubs in and around Montreal that offer halls to rent for your wedding, anniversary, business meeting or corporate evening.
The Gay Village, just east of downtown, is becoming an increasingly popular destination for locals and visitors to Montreal. Nestled in amongst the many restaurant and bars are a growing number of cafes serving up great coffee and snacks ranging from baked goods to soups and heftier savoury meals. Here are a few that are well worth a visit.
Montreal offers many possibilities for evening activities, but combining entertainment with a meal isn't always easy. You might decide to watch a hockey game, but what if you’re hungry? A role-playing game can go on for hours, how will you hold up? We’ve thought it over and come up with several suggestions for places to enjoy yourself without going hungry or thirsty.
Escape games have spread far and wide in recent years, and several of these businesses have opened in Montreal. They offer a fun and original activity to enjoy with friends, or as a team-building exercise with colleagues. Themes and scenarios vary, giving you plenty of opportunities to test your lateral thinking and creativity. Good luck!
A walk along the pedestrian zone on de la Gauchetière Street and around the corner on Boulevard Saint-Laurent lets you discover the traditions and festivals of the Chinese community while enjoying this bustling neighbourhood, with its many restaurants, bars and grocery stores where old and new stand side by side. Here are our suggestions for drinking and eating Chinese food in Montreal.
They say that music soothes the soul, so maybe it also helps with digestion? Anyway, it's always pleasant to accompany a fine meal with live music, and a number of restaurants engage musicians to perform while you dine. When you're deciding where to hold your office party, this might give you some ideas.
Few cities are as lively as Montreal during the week. In this city, we don't wait for the weekend to have a drink or a good time, we go out whenever we feel like it! Here is our selection, reserved for those 18 and older, of bars with festive or cozy atmospheres where you can relax at the end of the day.
At first glance, breakfast and business may not seem like a good match, but the combination actually has a lot going for it. Starting the day energized and with a clear mind, you should be primed for shrewd analysis and good deal-making. Many Montreal restaurants serve breakfast and can host your morning meeting. Here’s a list of our picks to get your day off to a great start on both the breakfast and business fronts.
Instead of holding a business meeting over lunch, when you may be weighed down by the events of the morning, distracted by buzzing telephones and email inboxes, why not meet for breakfast, when you will be well-rested, fresh and alert? Many Montreal hotel restaurants serve breakfast and can host your morning meeting.
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