Rick Chung is a lifestyle writer and digital storyteller living and working in Vancouver. He’s obsessed with both high and low culture. You can read his work or observe his musings over at RickChung.com and YVArcade.com or follow him @rickchung.
Vancouver is known and renowned for many things surrounding our fine and diverse dining scene. However, it’s hard to deny the wealth of delicious, fresh seafood the city and the talented chefs who offer discerning diners various culinary experiences to choose from. Here are a few of seaside highlights from the many restaurants in town.
There are more than a few independent coffee shops – usually located in eclectic neighbourhoods – that are helping drive Vancouver’s growing coffee scene. Full of inspiration, minimalist decor, and aesthetically pleasing flourishes, these cafes are perfect for jump-starting your creative juices while getting your afternoon caffeine fix and some much needed work done. [Image of Matchstick Coffee courtesy of Rick Chung]
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