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Maybe you’ve got back-to-back class around Trinity College – or that new sweetheart you swiped right on does. If you’re hitting the books at Robart’s, make sure you’re good and fed. These lunchtime gems around the University of Toronto St. George campus will set you right up. [Image credit:]
Some like tequila, others like beer, but let’s not forget about the whiskey lover. We all know that person who prides themselves at the bar on being a whiskey connoisseur. If you want to take them to get their Jack Daniel’s on, or for a sampling of something a little more rare, we’ve got you covered. Check out this list of the best places to take a whiskey lover in Toronto. [Feature image: Boxcar Social]
When you think “bachelorette,” there’s a good chance that copious amounts of alcohol, naughty-shaped lollipops, and an empty bank account are what come to mind. Mix up the bride’s bachelorette party at these unconventional venues for a little pre-wedding celebration.
Bloor Street. You’ve been there before and you’ll go there again because let’s face it: it’s a prime location in Toronto to enjoy some drinks with friends after a long day in the 6. Fortunately for you, there’s always a new spot (or nine) on the strip to enjoy a craft brew or unique cocktails with pals. [Feature Image: The Gaslight]
Looking for somewhere to take your sweetie that’s a little under the radar but still screams romance? The Junction is about to become your new best friend. Whether you’re into fine Italian cuisine or sharing some drinks over a stellar plate of Mexican nibbles, The Junction has the perfect low-lit dinner for every couple – be it lovers or pals! [Feature image: Nodo]
The classic restaurant date. It’s a safe bet, allowing for optimal conversation, minimal awkwardness, and best of all, a tasty meal. If it's date night and you're finding yourself wanting to avoid the downtown core, try these neighbourhood favourites and off-the-beaten-track gems, instead.
You probably just started fueling up on all things pumpkin spice, basking in the glow of fall, but don’t forget – winter is coming. Soon those knock-off combat boots won’t be cutting it against the Toronto snow. Check out these shops that carry luxurious and long-lasting winter boots. [Photo courtesy of Heel Boy]
You’ve heard about wing deals and drink deals, but how about oyster deals? Toronto: meet buck-a-shuck oysters. There are specials in the city every day of the week (though some are limited to happy hour) so you never have to pay more than 1$ for oysters ever again.
Thing about Toronto weather? With the majority of our months spent in blistery autumn or frozen winter, tis usually the season to curl up with a good book and a perfectly rendered, piping hot latte. Check out our list of Toronto’s cutest and coziest cafes to swing by this winter season.
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