Stephanie Truong is a self proclaimed Edmonton food blogger, known as Ms. Hangry Foodie. She is one of Zomato’s top bloggers for Edmonton. When she isn’t out eating on a food adventure, she can be found studying or shopping on Whyte Avenue. She is passionate about food and definitely obsessed!
Are you a hungry night owl? Well, you’re in luck because Edmonton surprisingly has a number of places that opens late! I’m talking about after 11 pm, some until 2 a.m. or 4 a.m. even. These places serve up delicious dishes too, so you don’t have to resort to fast food or bland breakfast items when you’re feeling the hunger at night.
You’d be surprised at the number of eateries around the city that are hidden from the public eye and mind. They’re spread all around and are usually only found out through word of mouth. These are the hidden gems that many people’s taste buds are missing out on!
Food just tastes so much better when it’s cheap. It’s a good thing there are a number of Edmonton places that offer reasonably priced eats. Now, you will no longer have to feel the regret of overspending on food. These restaurants will fill you up but won’t empty your wallet.
Not everyone is a morning person but I’m sure you’ll turn into one with the right food. Edmonton has an abundance of delicious places that serve breakfast in the morning or even all-day for those afternoon snoozers. These places are the reason why you should get out of bed. They serve breakfast all week long, not just on the weekend as brunch!
Dessert doesn’t always necessarily have to come after a meal to be enjoyed. Sometimes, it might be the appetizer or even the meal itself! There are no rules when it comes to dessert. Thankfully, Edmonton has an abundance of places around town for anyone craving something sweet.
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