Sue Salish lives in beautiful British Columbia, having made her way there via Ontario and Alberta. She loves everything about her adopted province, especially the food and the funky people. Most days, when she's not spinning her own words or editing someone else's, you can find her contemplating the fresh veggies at the Farmers Market or gazing into tide pools.
One of the most satisfying meals you can order when eating out is a big breakfast. Fast, filling and full of delicious fatty foods like bacon and home fries, it's the perfect meal anytime of the day. Get your eggs and bacon fix at Victoria's excellent early morning and all-day breakfast spots.
You've been out and about with your buddies having a grand time, and now you're starving; it's time to grab some late-night grub. Are you hungry for pub food, small plates or something new and different? Victoria's fine selection of late-night eateries has what you want, when you want it – which is right now.
If you're tired of pub grub or just want a light, healthy meal on-the-go, join the vegetarians and vegans around you, and visit one of these local establishments. Offering a variety of styles across the healthy food spectrum, you're sure to find a place that hits your sweet spot.
Noodles are a staple in many Asian cuisines, and most Vancouverites are familiar the many noodle joints that seem to be popping up at every corner of the city. From ramen bowls to pan-fried noodles and everything in between, these favourite hotspots serve up a wide variety of noodle dishes that you're bound to like.
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