You’ll never catch The Coffee Snob sipping a cup of joe from the corner store. No, sir. He’ll have his barista create the perfect espresso for him every time. After all, coffee is an art.
You can time the seasons by iced coffee: when it appears on the menu, you know warm weather is here, and when it disappears, you know summer is over. It's the perfect way to keep cool, and on top of your calendar. And here in Québec City, you'll find no shortage of options for this delicious drink.
As a student, it often seems like a cup of Joe, a textbook and a group of friends is the best way to buckle down to complete those study notes. Toronto, with coffee shops gracing almost every block, is no stranger to the over-caffeinated student.
The quaint and popular Beaches neighbourhood offers great shopping, Victorian and Edwardian architecture and some of the best independently-owned coffee shops in Toronto. Grab an iced coffee before hitting the boardwalk or settle in with a book at any one of these local cafés.
Leslieville is a great little neighbourhood with a history dating back to the 1850s. Look for clues to the past while sampling the area’s best cafés and coffee shops. Chances are, one of your favourites is already on this list, along with others that might have evaded your sight.
Fair trade, locally-roasted or imported from Italy; Yorkville's coffee shops are sure to deliver a cup of Joe that'll hit the spot. Whether you need a hit of caffeine while window shopping or an early-morning boost before work, these cafes have you covered.
With all the wonderful restaurants and cafes along Danforth Avenue, the best neighbourhood can sometimes get overlooked. Skip the obvious and try something new. Check out these local Danforth coffee shops to see what you’ve been missing.
Coffee is never just coffee in a city like Toronto where how it’s poured matters just as much as what is poured. We’re a city that prides itself on its somewhat underground coffee scene, especially compared to other locales. And when it comes to baristas, we’re second to none.
One of Toronto’s oldest neighbourhoods, the Annex is home to an eclectic mix of people from all backgrounds. This cultural mix is reflected in the diverse range of unique cafés that can be found in the area. From family-friendly creative outlets to modern Italian espresso bars, here are a few local faves.
It’s no surprise that coffee culture is in full flourish in the heart of Toronto’s Little Italy neighbourhood. You’ll find a wide variety of charming cafes along the College Street strip serving up fresh-pressed espresso drinks and authentic Italian pastries throughout the day. Here are a few local favourites that’ll have you shouting Belissimo!
Midtown Toronto may have a reputation for shopping and nightlife, but there’s also a strong subculture focused on fine coffee. When your shopping bags are weighing you down or you need a pick-me-up after having too much fun the night before, stop by one of these coffee shops near Yonge and Eglinton.
With the rise of the indie cafe, Torontonians have become schooled in the art of the coffee bean and all it can offer. As demand has increased, so have the available options for caffeine lovers. Here’s the lowdown on where to get a great cup of freshly roasted coffee or a bag of beans to grind at home.
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