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Finding a jacket that looks good, is well tailored, and offers enough function to suit your needs is essential to living the daily urban grind of Toronto. From hopping on and off the subway, or in and out of office buildings and coffee shops, a good jacket is made to work with your busy schedule. But finding your winter companion in coat form doesn’t have to be a daunting task – just check out these sweet menswear spots.
It looks like everyone is becoming keen on pop culture’s most tempting trends and laughable progressions. It could be the new Star Wars film, the raging popularity of anything with Toronto’s name on it, the latest gadget or the newest foodie flavour (whiskey spice mustard, anyone?). Here are some of the city’s best shops to pick up a gift for the pop culture junkie on your list. [Photo courtesy of Arts Market]
Looking for some super lightweight luggage so you can pack to your heart’s content? Perhaps you’re in the market for a modern passport carrier locally made from high quality leather. And of course, you know well the ubiquitous necessity of a boss backpack. Well, good news: Toronto’s got it all. Here is our list of where to find travel accessories made for the style-savvy jetsetter. [Photo courtesy of Te Koop]
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