Vincci is a registered dietitian, food lover and eater. She is passionate about guiding people towards better health in ways that are practical and delicious. Aside from her weekly nutrition blog, Vincci is a contributor to Avenue Magazine and is very active in the Calgary food scene and on social media.
What better way to spend a hot, summer day than eating outside. Whether you prefer lying in the sun with a good book while getting your tan on, tossing around a Frisbee with a few friends or taking a daytrip out to the mountains for a hike, you need something to fuel your activities. Forget the trail mix, and hit one of these spots to fill your picnic basket. Image credit: Elena.
In the past, salads were often labelled “diet food” and served as an afterthought on restaurant menus. For better or worse, restaurant salads are now often sizeable meals, and can sometimes contain more calories than a burger and fries! For those trying to eat healthier, salad bars can help take back some of that control – making your salad as green or as calorie-laden as you’d like. Image credit: iStock/MelanieMaya.
Game meats, such as venison, bison and elk, are gaining popularity, partly due to their unique taste, and the fact that they are generally leaner than farmed meats such as beef and pork. You don’t need to dress in camp or carry a gun to sample wild game – just head down to one of these local restaurants. Image credit:
Want to eat healthy but you’re too busy or simply don’t know how to cook? These companies make nutritious, delicious meals that you can enjoy at home or at work, with many delivering right to your doorstep!
For those who are new to sushi, the thought of eating raw fish on rice can be a little intimidating. Sushi rolls are a great “gateway” to more traditional nigiri, and thanks to some of the whimsical and creative dishes prepared by local sushi chefs, they are becoming a cuisine unto itself.
Good things come in small packages. Every cuisine seems to have its own version of the dumpling, whether it’s Chinese wontons and potstickers, Japanese gyoza or even Italian ravioli and tortellini, there’s just something satisfying about biting into these little packets wrapped in dough to reveal the flavourful filling inside. Start your journey around the world of dumplings with these delicious Asian offerings.
Feeling a little peckish during happy hour? Nothing in the world complements that glass of wine quite as well as a chic cheese selection! Explore the world of cheese within reach of home at these restaurants offering top-notch cheese boards.
Haunted by a childhood where lunchtime meant a PB and J or ham and cheese on soggy Wonder Bread? These restaurants will make you rethink the sandwich and have you looking forward to lunch again.
Age-old techniques for preserving summer’s bounty during the cold winter months, canning and pickling have seen a resurgence in popularity as a way to enjoy local produce year round. But what if you’ve just got to have your jams and pickles but don’t have the canning equipment or know-how? Satisfy your cravings in a pinch at these shops that sell local preserves, just like grandma used to make.
Despite the flood of restaurants joining Calgary’s booming food scene, there are some restaurants that have managed to remain one-of-a-kind, whether it’s a specific cuisine or a specialty dish. Pay these eateries a visit the next time you’re looking for something a little different.
Research has shown that following the Mediterranean diet, which is rich in fresh vegetables and fruit, healthy fats from olive oil and fish, and of course, a daily glass of red wine, can help prevent certain chronic diseases. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel to Greece, Italy or the Middle East for better health. There are many restaurants right here in Calgary that will give you a taste of the Mediterranean.
Health is usually not top of mind when dining out, but for people who are watching their waistline, or just want to eat better, there is a growing number of Calgary restaurants offering healthier fare, which happens to be downright delicious.
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