Covering great dining across Canada, our team of YP Dine editors will show you the way to the best food fests, restaurant openings, local eats and more. From Montreal to Vancouver, fine wines to pulled pork, we make sure you know what’s on and what’s delicious at restaurants and foodie events near you.
You don’t have to travel to Paris to have a true fine-dining experience; you can enjoy an upscale dinner, complete with a five-course meal and fine wine, right here at home. Victoria is a fine-dining destination with an excellent reputation – where talented chefs enjoy crafting delicious gourmet dishes from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
Lately, Toronto has seen a surge in new brewpubs. Whether it’s breweries with an amazing food menu or a pub focusing on local craft brews, they all have one thing in common: an amazing beer selection and delicious eats! Here are the best new brewpubs in Toronto.[Photo of King Taps by Libby Roach]
Paired with a nice cup of coffee or topped with a scoop of ice cream, pie is unbeatable comfort food. And yet it faces stiff competition from cupcakes as the city’s dessert of choice. Well, pie is fighting back with old fashioned deliciousness as well as new and tantalizing flavours.
Craving a sweet treat? You could attempt to wait it out, but why would you, when there are so many bakeries offering buttery, flaky, sweet goodness in Montreal? Treat yourself to something special at one of these excellent Montreal bakeries.
We won’t put our heads in the sand: the cupcake now rules over all the other desserts in town. Specialty shops can be found all over Montreal, all aiming at one specific point: serving you the best cupcake in town. You be the judge. What say you? Here is a list of where you can sample those exquisite “baby cakes”. Please enjoy!
There are times in your life when you get an inconsolable craving for a grilled cheese sandwich. And why not? When you live in a city that is known for amazing cheese, you'll be able to find a good sandwich anywhere. With the gooey goodness of fresh cheese, these restaurants know how to quell your craving.
Can’t make up your mind on what to eat? Combine a few global cuisines at the same time for a unique meal. Fusion food can be found on menus at a number of spots around the city; just make sure to go with your adventurous friends – no picky eaters allowed. [Photo © Yellow Pages / Pages Jaunes]
Many restaurants can offer small parties beautiful and intimate settings and service, but only a select few can bring that same level of service to larger groups. When you’re planning a meal for many, the best spots will have the space you need, delicious food and drinks, and attentive, personal service. Here are the Victoria restaurants that have mastered this art and can help you throw an unforgettable dinner party.
When you’re in the mood for an all-in-one meal that includes all the food groups, burritos might just be the solution — your cheesy, spicy, delicious solution. There are plenty of spots around Vancouver that will customize a burrito just the way you like it, whether it’s meaty, vegetarian or with extra cheese and guacamole. [Photo © Yellow Pages / Pages Jaunes]
To a whiskey lover, a world of subtle flavours can be found in a single dram. If you want to drink and learn more about whiskey, these pubs are home to some of the best bottles in Victoria. With carefully curated selections and knowledgeable staff to guide you through your choices, here's where you want to go to raise a glass.
The perfect business lunch needs to have three things: good food, good service and a quiet enough setting that you can talk shop. If you’re looking to woo clients over a memorable meal, try these local lunch spots. Each of them has a great menu and excellent service, so even if you don’t lock down a deal, everyone will still come away content.
Nothing compares to a good steak. A choice cut of meat, marinated to perfection and grilled to order is one of the best culinary experiences a person can have. Salads have their place in life (preferably next to a big juicy steak), but when it comes to a carnivore's delight, here's where to head to in Victoria.
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