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Visualize All-In-One Interior Decorating

As an interior decorator, Katie Rioux dedicates herself to taking her clients from the idea stages of decorating an interior through to its completion. Be it sprucing up a bathroom, redoing a master bedroom or designing floor plans for an entire house, Katie offers her keen eye for detail, on-site consultation, furniture and accessory purchasing, as well as installation. Decorating Den Interiors - Decorate With Kate is an all-in-one service for home decorating.

“It comes pretty naturally for me. I grew up in design my whole life,” says Katie, whose mother was also an interior decorator. She bought the Decorating Den franchise from her mother in 2009, as a means of pursuing her dream of owning her own business. Katie’s experience has given her an knack for detail and advice that clients rely on.

“I think people have trouble visualizing,” she says. “We try to help them with that; for instance, how a sofa is going to look in your room. I’m fairly decisive. If someone asks me if we should do this or that, I’ll say, ‘No, we should do that. I feel like that is the right thing to do.’”

I’m fairly decisive. If someone asks me if we should do this or that, I’ll say, ‘No, we should do that. I feel like that is the right thing to do.’ - Katie Rioux, owner
Decorate with Kate creates interior decorating plans for clients that can be modified, depending on their wants and needs
Katie Rioux's award-winning interior design services encompass everything from planning and consultation to furniture purchasing, as was the case with this front room.

Being There From Beginning to End

Literally bringing her decorating skills to the table, Decorate With Kate always comes to the client's home for planning sessions, not the other way around. From her initial consultations, Katie works closely with her clients to find out exactly what they want and what their personal style is. Based on her assessment, she later returns with a design plan and presents it to the client, who accepts or modifies it.

As Decorate With Kate is Calgary's only franchise of the Decorating Den Interiors network, she has direct connections to suppliers, making it easier for home owner to directly purchase quality custom furniture, blinds, drapery, artwork and area rugs amongst many other home decor products. Katie brings portfolios, catalogues and samples with her. Once everything is decided upon, Decorate With Kate’s installers and painters do the final legwork.

As much as she is an interior designer and project manager, Katie sees herself as a coach for her clients. “I think when people move into a new home, they’re excited to do the purchasing and get it done. But we really try to figure out priority areas, starting in one area, getting it the way you love it and then moving on to the next.”

Decorate with Kate offers interior design, furniture purchasing and decorating services
Katie Rioux describes her interior design style as modern, but versatile, as this office reflects.

Versatile Style That Speaks To The Client

Katie describes her interior design style as being “on the modern side of things” utilizing clean lines and simplistic design, but she doesn’t limit herself to that. “When my clients go online and see my work, they say, ‘Oh my gosh! Each of your rooms is different. They’re not all modern. They’re not all traditional.’ Versatility is huge for me,” she says.

Her various approaches to interior design have won her won a dozen Decorating Den’s Dream Room Awards that are judged by editors of publications like Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Better Homes and Gardens and Arabella. Clients jump at the chance to have one of their rooms photographed for an awards submission. Her adaptability and visualization skills, however, are what makes them return clients.

“When clients call back to decorate their next room because they know, at the end of the day, they are going to be happy and it’s going to be a room that speaks to them.”

Decorate with Kate can help clients pick out furniture and artwork, in addition to telling them exactly where they should put their new pieces
Decorate With Kate also has an eye for choosing home accents, such as artwork.
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