Ella Bella Maternity Boutique
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The Beauty of Maternity Fashion

“I fell in love with Ella Bella Maternity Boutique when I saw it,” business owner Stephanie Kozina says. “It wasn’t just the business, it was the idea of it: that women don’t have to make their own maternity clothes anymore or wear unflattering items.”

Opened in 2003, Ella Bella exists to give women fashionable and high-quality clothing alternatives. With options for every pregnancy phase from maternity to nursing to post-pregnancy options, you’ll find something beautiful for all occasions.

Stephanie came on board in August of 2014 to continue the commitment the original owner (Renee Poitras) made to women. “Helping women feel beautiful through changing stages of their life is our passion,” Stephanie says. “We help working professionals to stay-at-home moms show the beauty of pregnancy through any and all of life's activities and commitments.”

We want women to look and feel their best during their pregnancy, right through nursing and into motherhood. - Stephanie Kozina, owner
Quality maternity wear, nursing wear, accessories, skin care

For the Trendy Professional Mother

Staying on top of current trends and seasonal lines is all in a day's work for Stephanie. The high-quality and high-fashion lines at Ella Bella provide many good options for nursing and maternity wear. “We want women to look and feel their best during their pregnancy right through nursing and into motherhood,” Stephanie says. “Many of these items can be worn long after pregnancy. They are high-quality and flattering no matter what stage of life you're in.”

The clothes are so attractive and well-made that Stephanie and staff find themselves purchasing and wearing items, even without being pregnant. “I would suggest buying a piece that you like and a piece that fits," Stephanie advises. "Because it’s designer clothing, it’s worth taking the time to try stuff on. It has to be something you love or it won't fill the purpose of making you feel great when you wear it.”

Once the pregnancy stage of life has passed, Stephanie has wise advice for what women can do with their gently-used clothing. “Whenever I receive damaged or recalled items, I donate them to places like Salvation Army and the YWCA,” Stephanie says. “Take it somewhere where it is needed and can be loved by someone else.”

Quality maternity wear, nursing wear, accessories, skin care

A Calgary-Focused Business

While some clothes are ordered from places like the Netherlands, New York, England, Singapore and LA, Stephanie is working hard to include products local to Calgary and Canada. “We carry toques made by a grandmother in the Willow Park area and baby shower cards handmade from a woman in southeast Calgary,” Stephanie says.

Moving forward, Stephanie and Ella Bella would like to bring local partnerships closer to the forefront of her business. “In 2015, I pursued a partnership with local Focus Sisters Photography and Fashion Calgary. Socialite, the excellent company who made my website, is Edmonton-based. I want to keep it local because Calgary does wonderful things for entrepreneurs and small businesses,” says Stephanie.

Quality maternity wear, nursing wear, accessories, skin care
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