Heritage Bakery & Deli
By YP Contributor

Homemade Cooking with Heritage Bakery & Deli

Once you step inside Heritage Bakery & Deli, you'll immediately feel at home, and that is exactly how owner Kathy Batorowska wants it to be. Heritage Bakery & Deli serves European homestyle cooking, with such bestsellers as perogies, cabbage rolls, garlic sausage, borscht and potato pancakes.

Products are made entirely from scratch and the recipes were passed down to Kathy from her mother and father. She takes great pride in making fresh and authentic dishes without preservatives for her customers.

There is a cozy dining area within Heritage Bakery & Deli where customers can eat and enjoy right away, but dishes can also be taken home fresh or frozen. They are easy to reheat for a quick family dinner, which is appreciated by many of Kathy’s loyal customers. To round out the store’s specialization, Heritage Bakery & Deli also offers a number of shelf products like jelly and bottled sauerkraut, as well as cheeses imported from Europe.

We chose to go with what the customers wanted. - Kathy Batorowska, owner

Continuing a European Tradition in Calgary

Heritage Bakery & Deli was started in 1987 by Kathy’s parents, and the store has been in the family ever since, evolving with the times. When the economy became unstable in the 80s, the family started shifting to making perogies, cabbage rolls and garlic sausage. “Over the years, the homemade cooking outweighed the bread and bakery department,” Kathy says. “People were buying perogies, and as we had to pinch the perogies and make everything from scratch, it was getting busier than the breads.” Along with her siblings, she has been learning from and working with her parents since she was 12 years old. In 2005, she took over the business and is carrying on the family legacy.

“We chose to go with what the customers wanted,” says Kathy, who downsized the store and started focusing more on the deli products. Today Heritage Bakery & Deli makes about 250 dozen perogies a day and about 1,500 cabbage rolls a week. “Everything is done by hand,” Kathy says. “The potato gets peeled here, the cabbage is cored and separated here and of course we do our own pinching for the perogies.”

Homemade Goodness from the Heart

At Heritage Bakery & Deli, what you would cook at home is what is cooked for you in the store. “Customers come in and say, ‘This is how my mom or my grandma makes it,’” Kathy says. “It’s very traditional.” While her customer base varies, many customers have been supportive of the family for years and value their contribution to the community.

Kathy is positive about the future of businesses such as hers. “There’s not a lot out there who make everything from scratch. People are starting to value that even more now, which is great to see in our community.”

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