Home & Away
By Bob Keelaghan

A Sports-Themed Restaurant That Plays By Different Rules

Consistent with Home & Away's sports theme, John Fogerty’s “Centerfield” plays over the sound system as chef Mike Pigot discusses the eatery’s origin. “We wanted a place where we would hang out on our days off,” says Mike, who is part of the team that operates Home & Away. Inspired by their own vision of what constitutes a fun hangout, Mike and owners Pete Emes and Mike Grimes (also known as Smalltown DJs) invented this 17th Avenue Southwest spot that both sports lovers and casual socializers can relate to. “It’s cool to relax, have a great meal and enjoy our kinds of drinks.”

Pete Emes and Mike Grimes are also the proprietors of The Hifi, Commonwealth Bar and Stage, as well as CRAFT Beer Market, so it's not surprising that Home & Away is a restaurant with a contemporary esthetic. Their newest eatery is dedicated to the fun of the game and takes inspiration from the classic eras of pro sports. The restaurant's collection of memorabilia plays into that history – bleacher seats from the Blue Horizon boxing arena featured in Rocky V, vintage skateboards from a former Hobie skateboard team coach and a baseball signed by Bo Jackson are fodder for sports trivia buffs to gossip about over their pints of ale. And that’s only a small portion of the restaurant's sports curios.

It’s cool to relax, have a great meal and enjoy our kinds of drinks. - Mike Pigot, chef
Home & Away chef Mike Pigot.
Home & Away chef Mike Pigot says he and his fellow co-owners created the kind of bar and restaurant they want to hang out in.

Upping The Food and Beer Game

Not every sports fan wants generic food and beer, and so Home & Away serves craft beer, cocktails and comfort food made with fresh, regionally grown ingredients. Lamb burgers, pulled chicken sandwiches and poached shrimp club houses walk a familiar line, but are a delicious step up from the usual casual-restaurant fare. It’s underdogs like crispy cauliflower with chipotle aioli and beef tartare that make its menu line-up a winner.

Considering Mike’s French name and his background cooking in upscale establishments, beef tartare as comfort food makes sense. “Every fine-dining restaurant has it, but it doesn’t have to be an elevated thing. The Wagyu beef from Brant Lake, Alberta, is prepared very delicately and seasoned so the beef stands out. And it sells really well,” he says with a smile.

A beer brand can acquire the undying loyalty of a home-team crowd. Playing to the loyalties of fans nationwide, Home & Away serves 20 beers on tap, half of which are craft beers brewed in Calgary and across Canada. A good wine list and a solid cocktail menu round out the dining options.

Home & Away serves elevated comfort food.
Among its daily specials, Home & Away serves buckets of chicken on Mondays.

Big Screen, Baskets or Bust a Move

From big-ticket televised sports such as The Super Bowl, NHL games and European soccer to less-mainstream competitions like the X Games, Home & Away covers all the bases on its big-screen televisions. Featured games are scheduled on the restaurant's web page.

If sports fans need to burn off some tension between periods or at half time, they can shoot some hoops or bowl under the flashing red lights of the venue's corner arcade space. At least three nights of the week, DJs spin post-game music, giving Home & Away a nightclub vibe, reinforcing the fact that this unique sports-themed restaurant is more than the ordinary TV-and-nachos spot.

Home & Away is located on the 17th Avenue Southwest shopping and dining strip.
Home and Away is located near the intersection of 14th Street and 17th Avenue Southwest.
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