Lake House
By Bob Keelaghan

A Lakeside Dining Experience

The Lake House restaurant sits on the east shore of Lake Bonavista in the southeast Bonavista neighbourhood. Its location, ambience and Rocky Mountain cuisine have garnered it a reputation as a go-to venue for special event bookings such as weddings, graduations and corporate functions, and day-to-day clientele has grown steadily since its launch in 2014.

“We’re booked up on Saturdays from now until March of next year,” says Lake House manager Scott Woodruff as he surveys the main dining room on a spring day. Chandeliers made of elk antlers hang from the ceiling over nearly every table. A large stone fireplace warms the room from the corner. The wall panelling, tables and exposed beams of the vaulted ceilings are all done in dark wood. It’s easy to see why so many people want to celebrate milestones at The Lake House.

The setting puts the staff in a good mood, too. “I feel like I work at a resort, to see this view every day,” says Woodruff, pointing to Lake Bonavista through the restaurant's large, plate glass windows. Boaters paddle the waters as an osprey circles overhead. “It doesn’t matter if it’s winter, fall or summer. It’s always pretty breathtaking.”

I feel like I work at a resort, to see this view every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s winter, fall, or summer. It’s always pretty breathtaking. - Scott Woodruff, manager
The Lake House manager Scott Woodruff.
The Lake House manager Scott Woodruff compares the Bonavista restaurant to a resort getaway.

Canadian Meat and Seafood

The restaurant serves Rocky Mountain cuisine for lunch and dinner as well as Sunday brunch. What the kitchen does with game meats and fish additionally makes the picturesque restaurant an attraction for diners and weekend wedding-goers alike.

As a member of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts (CRMR) group, The Lake House predominantly features Canadian seafood and wild game dishes on its menus. Among its featured entrees are the seared diver scallops prepared with artichoke and green bean fricassee, Serrano Ham and pea shoots,  wild boar tenderloin, roasted caribou denver leg and Brome Lake duck breast with risotto and tempura bok choy.

“You can’t go wrong with the Angus ribeye,” says Scott, stating his personal preference. “The charcuterie board is also a huge draw.” He adds that most of the cured meats on the platter are produced by the CRMR ranch and processing facility. Scott also recommends The Lake House fish plank, which features a variety of cured and smoked seafood. The gourmet cheese plates are equally popular.

The Lake House serves Canadian wild game and seafood.
The fish plank featuring smoked and cured seafood is one of the restaurant's most popular menu items.

An Antique Bar and Award-Winning Wine

Imported from Montana, The Lake House also features a restored bar, which dates back to the 1800s. It is notably stocked with local craft beers by Last Best, Wild Rose and Grizzly Paw breweries. Adjacent to this handsome fixture, a glass-encased wine room displaying bottles from the restaurant's extensive, award-winning wine list curated by CRMR wine director Brad Royale. Scott says it’s not unusual for regulars to come in for a glass of wine or pint of beer and watch a Blue Jays game at the bar.

Whatever brings people to The Lake House – be it a wedding, a relaxing evening meal, Sunday brunch or beer and a Jays game – Scott says the restaurant’s goal remains the same. “The scenery and the ambiance are great. It’s up to us to put together a memorable dining experience each and every time guests come through our doors.”

The Lake House serves an award-winning wine list.
The wine room at the Lake House displays bottles from its award-winning wine list.
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