Leela Eco Spa
By Seema Dhawan

Bliss, Please

At Leela Eco Spa, you can indulge in wellness in a whole new way. In the wellness studio’s serene, lemongrass-scented therapy rooms, the vibe is of pure relaxation and renewal. Leela’s flagship Bridgeland location features 10 of these treatment rooms and offers services that include massage, acupuncture, facials and waxing.

The facility’s registered massage therapists create customized treatments that are based on clients’ needs and that focus on stiffness, stress relief or overall rejuvenation. “It’s pure joy when you see a client come out of a session and they come and say that was wonderful,” says owner Gaurav Gupta.

That pure wellness feeling is like magic. - owner Gaurav Gupta

Accessible Wellness

Gaurav left a career in the oil and gas sector to pursue an MBA in strategy and entrepreneurship at Singapore’s INSEAD, one of the world’s highest ranked business schools. He found that wellness was a big part of corporate culture in cities around the globe and wanted to integrate more wellness services into Calgary’s fast-paced urban lifestyle.

Today, clients from all over the city visit Leela for a dose of serenity and to improve their health. Clients will often make lengthy commutes to see their favourite massage therapists, says Gaurav.

Gaurav is passionate about putting the focus of Leela’s clients on proactive health care rather than reactive. We’re lucky to have a healthcare system and insurance companies that cover the costs of wellness treatments such as massages and acupuncture, he says. “It’s not a flaw in the system, it’s a design,” he elaborates. “Insurance companies want you to be healthy.”

Leela Eco Spa staff are attentive to clients' needs
Leela Eco Spa offers the ideal combination of wellness and relaxation. Photo by Seema Dhawan.

Your Personal Playground

Gaurav bought the spa in 2014, keeping the name Leela, which means playground in Sanskrit. “What it means is really exciting,” he says. “It sort of becomes the clients’ own personal playground.”

The spa’s calm atmosphere is inviting and reenergizing, he adds, noting staff members often take a day off on their birthday, and end up spending it getting pampered at Leela. “There’s a complete uplift of mood,” says Gaurav. Even a one-hour massage session can leave clients feeling rejuvenated. “That pure wellness feeling is like magic."

Leela is all about offering a relaxing experience. “We are dedicated to client satisfaction,” he says, adding that this is top of mind for staff from the time clients check in, through their treatment sessions, and right to check out.

Leela Eco Spa features a relaxing atmosphere
Clients are welcome to relax at Leela Eco Spa before and after sessions. Photo by Seema Dhawan.

Carbon Neutral

Leela also focuses on the wellness of the environment, aiming to provide eco-friendly, guilt-free wellness services at its main location as well as its sister facilities in the Coast Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre and the International Hotel. The eco-friendly nature of these facilities is apparent from the moment you walk in.

The flagship Leela location on First Avenue Northeast is a LEED-certified building, meaning its eco-friendliness is extremely high. As well, Gaurav explains that the spa’s paperwork is now completely digital. “We are a paperless business, which was a mammoth task,” he says. The spa is also carbon positive, contributing to eco-friendly initiatives that help reduce environmental emissions by four times Leela’s own carbon footprint.

So, when you indulge in spa services at Leela, do so with the knowledge it's not at the expense of the environment.

Leela Eco Spa is located in Bridgeland
Find the Leela Eco Spa flagship location in Bridgeland. Photo by Seema Dhawan.
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