Modern Steak Inc
By Elizabeth Chorney-Booth

Not an Old Boys' Club

Having spent several years running Muse, a Kensington fine-dining mainstay, Stephen Deere bought the place. However, he decided it was time to move away from haute cuisine and give patrons food they could more easily sink their teeth into. Noting that Calgary's northwest lacked an independent steakhouse, he launched Modern Steak in the fall of 2014.

In addition to serving expertly grilled steaks, Stephen has another objective in mind: to create a new spin on the high-end steakhouse. Steering clear of the traditional dark, wood-panelled room with leather banquettes, Modern Steak is as of-the-now as its name suggests.

“We have what I like to think of as a warm, modern feeling. It doesn't look like an old boys' club,” Stephen says. “Another thing is our casual, upscale approach. You can come and be yourself, laugh out loud, have a good time, and you’re still going to have a premium experience.”

You can come and be yourself, laugh out loud, have a good time, and you’re still going to have a premium experience. - Stephen Deere, owner
Steak house, steak, seafood, fondue, cocktails, salad
Modern Steak is as of-the-now as its name suggests.

A New Spin on Steak House Classics

The menu offers a contemporary spin on steak and seafood as well as classic steakhouse side dishes such as shrimp cocktail, escargot, French onion soup, wedge salads, mashed potatoes, fondue and Brussels sprouts.

When it comes to steak, Stephen says the real difference is in how Modern Steak selects it’s meat, how it’s aged and the grill on which it’s cooked. The restaurant turns to local ranchers including waygu producer Brant Lake Cattle as well as Heritage Angus Beef and Northridge Farms. Longer dry aging makes the beef taste richer and more tender, as does Modern Steak’s special infrared grill.

We have people coming in here saying ‘We love that you have multiple farms in here, that the beef is local and that you know what you’re feeding us,'” Stephen says. “If you look at our meat, it’s dark red and rich with flavour. The majority of people who are coming to us, are coming for those reasons. And they’re telling us it’s the best steak they’ve ever had in their life.”

Modern Steak, Calgary, restaurant, steak, seafood, fondue, salad, oysters, cocktails
Modern Steak features a fully stocked cocktail bar on the lower level.

High-End Food, Relaxed Atmosphere

Of course, the best steak doesn’t come at bargain basement prices, but you get what you pay for, and Modern Steak’s pricing is in line with other high-end, inner-city steak houses. He says that the restaurant has quickly built a clientele — including many people who live in Kensington — who are willing to invest in an evening of top-notch steak served in a cool, relaxed setting.

“Our sweet spot in my mind is the 35- to 45-year-old crowd. They’ve been to Vegas and they’ve seen what this kind of experience is like,” he says. “This is a place where people can come in and get comfortable and eat steak. The decor is more friendly, we wear jeans, the service is less pretentious, we don’t necessarily play Sinatra. We’re definitely seeing people start to really get it and gravitate towards the concept.”

Steak house, steak, seafood, fondue, cocktails, salad
The restaurant is located a stone's throw from the intersection of 10th Street and Kensington Road Northwest.
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