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A Personalized Approach to Fitness Training

NJLtraining isn't your ordinary gym. Opened in April 2013, this 1,200 square-foot facility is exclusively dedicated to personal training with its founder, Nathan Joel Lewry. With an extensive background in martial arts and many years of personal training experience, Nathan now focuses on helping clients reach their fitness goals using a personalized approach.

Nathan refined his personal training technique during the time he spent living and training in Asia. One of his biggest inspirations was Bruce Lee. The martial arts legend thought that each individual must develop his or her own approach by doing what works best for them.

Nathan’s wide variety of fitness experiences have influenced the trainer he is today. "I've been patient with the development of what I'm about and what I want to give to people,” he says. “I developed my system over the course of the last eight years. It took a lot of diligence to become successful at it."

I have clients who are 18 years old and some who are 70 years old. - Nathan Joel Lewry, owner

Not Just a Number at This Calgary Fitness Gym

Before opening NJLtraining, Nathan started out by working in fitness chains. "People weren't looked upon as clients. They were seen as numbers,” he says about the gyms. “My boss would give me a client, who was listed as a file with a number, and I would train that person. But I found that there was no real connection made between myself and that person."

Nathan strives to make that one-on-one connection the very centre of NJLtraining – and the results speak for themselves. About 80% of NJL’s clients have been training with him for at least 6 months.

"I don't want my clients to just come in and be put through the paces and then that's it," he says. "I want them to know that if they have questions, they can email and text me any time. I try to answer their questions and offer advice if they need it, even when we’re not training."

A Client-Focused Approach to Guided Workouts

Nathan uses different approaches for different people, since he believes that no one person works out in the exact same way. With its strong reputation for personal training and its people-focused approach, NJLtraining appeals to a huge range of clients who keep coming back.

"I have clients who are 18 years old and some who are 70 years old," Nathan says.

Despite their differences, the people he trains share a common trait. More than just losing a couple pounds for the beach, they’re looking for a lasting change. “My clients want to change their lifestyle and be active and healthy. And I support them in that goal any way I can."

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