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Irresistible Desserts and Pastries in Calgary

Serving real French macarons, croissants, eclairs, brioches, and much more, Ohh La La Patisserie has built up quite a following for its sweet and savoury pastries. Owner and pastry chef Sebastian Judkovski has been whipping up the goodies in his store since 2012. “I make quite a selection of pastries, mostly French, but with a distinct taste that is uniquely my creation,” says Sebastian.

Sebastian’s specialty is the macaron – the French version, he notes, not the North American one. He offers a variety of flavours besides the usual chocolate: crystalized rose petals, lavender & milk chocolate, salted caramel, pistachio, and blackberry, to name a few. Croissants are also a big customer favourite, with four variations in regular butter, pain au chocolat, almond croissant, and a maple croissant.

“I do everything from scratch,” says Sebastian. “Everything is done here at the shop.” Sebastian works with his assistant pastry chef to prepare the day's offerings. “I don’t scrimp on the ingredients, and I make sure everything I have is the freshest.”

I make quite a selection of pastries, mostly French, but with a distinct taste that is uniquely my creation. - Sebastian Judkovski, owner
Macarons, desserts, pastries, French cakes

Sweet Inspirations for French Desserts

Sebastian was the Head Pastry Chef at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce for six years before he decided to open his own shop. Originally from Argentina, he came to Canada with significant experience in baking and making French desserts. That training combined with a South American palate offers his Calgary customers a delectable surprise. Sebastian also makes the pastries visually unique with his creative designing. His wife Yanina runs the business with him, taking care of everything at the front of the shop.

“We truly offer specialties,” says Sebastian. “And with that comes our dedication to serve the real deal to our customers because they deserve to have that taste.” Ohh La La Patisserie has a regular flow of customers from the southwest area of Calgary where the shop is located, but people do come in from all four quadrants of the city. It’s not surprising that the word-of-mouth about the exquisite pastries at Ohh La La Patisserie continues to build.

Macarons, desserts, pastries, French cakes

Serving Treats for Years to Come

Ohh La La Patisserie is currently serving customers at one location, but Sebastian hopes to open another shop or two in the next few years. “If I could offer the pastries to more people, and make them happy with my creations, then I would,” says Sebastian. Be sure to keep an eye out for more of his signature macarons near you.

Macarons, desserts, pastries, French cakes
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