Salon Luminous
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A Determined Salon Owner

Missy Bic always knew she wanted to run her own business, she just didn’t know what kind of business it would be. While finishing business classes, Missy worked at various salons as a hairstylist. So, when it did come time to be her own boss, it only made sense to run a hair salon. “I took a new adventure, a risky adventure,” says Missy, who opened Salon Luminous in 2014. “I’ve never really been on the business side of things. It’s been real good but it’s all a learning experience. The first year was a crazy year.”

Missy knew success wasn’t going to come easy. “I have had clients who owned their own businesses and they told me the first two years were going to be a struggle,” says Missy. “But I was ready to take on that struggle and see what is out there for me. Either it’s going to be a fail or the best decision I’ve made, but I’m willing to sacrifice for that.”

I enjoy seeing the transformation in the clients. We change their whole mood and personality. - Missy Bic, owner
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An Energy that Attracts Clients

Salon Luminous is located in the Signal Hill area in Calgary’s southwest area. Missy was looking for something downtown originally, but when this spot came open she couldn’t say no. “We found a great area and it’s worked out," she says. “A lot of my clientele followed me. They make the time to come see me.” Her clients' devotion says a lot about the quality of service Missy provides.

Missy and the other stylists at Salon Luminous are always in communication with their clients. “Usually customers come in with a look and say that’s what they want. We may suggest other options, but if that’s what they want we go forward with it,” says Missy. “I always throw in my ideas to make the customer happy.” Missy listens to her clients, and often acts on what they say; she even hired an experienced esthetician after regulars requested facials and skin care options.

Haircut, colour, updos, esthetics

They Style, You Smile

Missy is always looking to change and bring new ideas to Salon Luminous – it's what she loves most in her salon and industry. “I enjoy seeing the transformation in the clients, seeing the happy clients that walk out of the door after they come in,” she says. “We change their whole mood and personality. You can turn a miserable person into a happy one.”

Being a business owner is a lot of hard work and long hours but for Missy, it’s all worth it. “I love being in the salon 10 to 12 hours, I don’t mind it. My parents are like, 'What are you doing, you’re killing yourself,'" she says. "But, because I actually enjoy it, I don’t notice the time passing by.”

Haircut, colour, updos, esthetics
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