South Trail Crossing Barber Shop
By YP Contributor

Good Vibes and Great Haircuts in Calgary

Playing with scissors can actually be a good thing, with the right training. With some persuasion from his uncle, Maher Chehade took up the scissors and gave the hair industry a chance.

“I want to take care of people, and that’s what I want my shop to be like,” says Maher. “I want the shop to have positive energy and good vibes. I’m a very happy kind of guy and I want to make other people happy.”

A former bartender, Maher decided it was time for a change, so he enrolled in hairdressing school along with his brother, Maged. Soon afterwards, the brothers opened South Trail Crossing Barbershop together.

While spas and salons tend to cater mostly to women, South Trail Crossing Barbershop is tailored to a male clientele. “Of course, we can give great service to ladies with short hair and gentlemen with any length of hair (including long hair), but we don't do the fancier stuff with a lady’s hair,” says Maher.

I’m a very happy kind of guy and I want to make other people happy. - Maher Chehade, co-owner

Community Barbers Making a Difference

“I’m a people guy. I can't work behind a desk or in a field without any other people around,” says Maher. “I like finding the good in people.”

To that end, Maher is looking to employ locals in the shop, and has gone out of his way to ensure that South Trail Crossing Barbershop is involved with the community in more ways than simply providing them with stylish haircuts.

Future plans include a larger involvement with Movember and other large-scale community endeavours. “We’ve donated money to a local rugby team so they could play in Lebanon, and we are in talks to buy a kids' soccer team their next set of jerseys,” Maher says.

Prepared to Cut Hair for All

With seven barbers and two receptionists, South Trail Crossing Barbershop is prepared for any amount of hair. All staff have been handpicked by Maher in a hands-on manner. “I pay attention to the barber community in Calgary, and when I hear about new talent, I get my hair done by them,” Maher says. “And if I like them and what they do, I offer them a job.”

With a Playstation 4 in the lobby, iPads and ten TVs to keep the customers entertained while they wait, Maher and his crew just want customers to feel welcome and comfortable. “I want this place to be more like a hangout,” Maher says. “Just a big group of friends, except you also get a hot shave and towel treatment. It’s great.”

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