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By Jillian Clark

An Openhearted Yoga Studio

Karma Yoga co-owners Libby Clark and Lacie Wournell dreamed of opening a Calgary yoga room that would not only be beautiful, but give patrons a sense of community that would improve their lives outside the studio. They found just such a spot in their mountain-facing space in Aspen Landing. Filled with abundant natural light, the airiness of this hot- and warm-yoga facility imparts a soothing quality that suits the women’s openhearted ambitions.

Libby turned to yoga as both a stress release and a source of adventure. “I did my first teacher training in Toronto and then went on to teach in Alberta and BC.” After completing her university graduate program, she returned to Alberta to open her own studio in March of 2015. “Calgary was a city really calling to me,” she says.

The spa-like, high-end yoga studio she and Lacie created offers classes for a wide range of yogis. The bulk of their patrons are between 30 and 40 years of age, but the inclusive studio also caters to young adults and families.

In the climate-controlled studio, certified instructors guide beginners as well as experienced students through their individualized practice. Soothing music accompanies beginner, vinyasa flow and yang-yin, a type of hot yoga that transitions from vigorous body-warming postures to long, deep stretches. As well, in advanced “karma flipped” classes, participants perform a variety of faster-paced, strength-focused poses.

Anyone can do yoga. All you have to do is make it here, and the rest will figure itself out. - Libby Clark, owner
Karma Yoga Calgary co-owners Libby Clark and Lacie Wournell.
Karma Yoga Calgary co-owners Libby Clark and Lacie Wournell believe strongly in the power of yoga and positive thinking. Photo courtesy Karma Yoga.

Holistic Living and Positive Intentions

Karma Yoga instructors begin each class by teaching their yogis to set positive intentions and carry these into their outside lives. “Not only are we focusing on creating a better and more healthy body, but we think it’s very holistic,” says Libby. “With a healthy, balanced mind and clear intentions, people can live their best life. Your whole being will change.”

“It’s not just your body, it’s your mind as well,” she adds. “You have to do both. You can’t be one thing or the other.” With a strong mind-body connection, life’s challenges are easier to negotiate, she says. It’s a way of living that the women refer to as a miracle mindset. “When people live with clear intentions, small miracles don’t seem so farfetched,” she explains. “Everything can be figured out. Even when you come across a problem that seems like it can’t be fixed, you’re way stronger than you think you are.”

It's a philosophy that has helped the studio grow and to build the kind of yoga-based community the women envisioned. “You can feel the energy in the studio,” Libby says.

Karma Yoga Calgary is a sunny hot- and warm-yoga facility.
The airy studio features a mountain view. Photo courtesy Karma Yoga.

Where Intention Goes, Energy Flows

“We really believe that where intention goes, energy flows,” says Libby. With their own intention to help students grow in meaningful ways, the yoga studio’s instructors work hard to demonstrate genuine positivity in each class. Yoga practitioners simply can’t help but pick up on the vibe. “Anyone can do yoga,” she says encouragingly. “All you have to do is make it here, and the rest will figure itself out.”

For a small donation or with the purchase of an introductory pass, prospective patrons are welcome to try out select Karma Yoga classes.

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The climate-controlled studio exudes positive energy. Photo courtesy Karma Yoga Calgary.
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