Rochelle Lynne Design
By Ellis Choe

Interior Design Artistry

When Rochelle Lynne Zemlak studied fashion design, fine art and spatial geography during her university days, she didn’t realize she was acquiring the skills to build the successful interior design studio she runs today. Owner and creative director of Rochelle Lynne Design, her business is flourishing in the town of Cochrane mostly thanks to word of mouth referrals and repeat-customers ranging from builders to individual home owners. With a strong focus on kitchens and baths, Rochelle is accomplished in designing and managing new builds and renovations from start to finish in a time-efficient manner – usually with an outside-the-box mentality.

“Unlike most designers, I approach everything like an art form,” she says. “We don’t just design what people ask us to design. We always take the parameters and use them as a guideline rather than a definition, and we try to open up creativity.”

That’s easy for someone with 30-plus years of combined schooling and extensive experience as a studio artist, set/stage designer, paint technician, faux-finishing instructor, residential designer for home builders, bath and kitchen designer, and who is past president of the prairie chapter of the National Kitchen and Bath Association. She also happens to be married to her business partner who is a fastidious construction manager who also has 30-plus years of experience in that trade.

Unlike most designers, I approach everything like an art project. - Rochelle Lynne Zemlak, owner and creative director
Rochelle Lynne Design focuses on kitchen and bathroom projects.
Rochelle Lynne Design focuses on kitchen and bathroom projects. Photo courtesy Rochelle Lynne Design.

Renovate, Rejoice, Repeat

This wealth of experience along with strong organizational skills and professional integrity attract clients and keep them coming back. Cochrane resident Cora Schneberger has commissioned Rochelle Lynne Design four times for various renovation projects over the years.

“I totally trust them,” says Cora. “I don’t even bother getting a quote elsewhere. I just go straight to Rochelle. She has a knack for knowing your style because she takes the time to get to know you. I’ve never seen anyone so committed in giving their clients what they want. She seems to know what you want before you know what you want.” In fact, Cora raves about Rochelle’s entire team and calls them “fantastic” for the way projects are carried out so efficiently and conveniently, notably her kitchen renovation.

“It was a total tear down,” says Cora. “We were gone to Cuba for two weeks. When we came back, all that was left to do were countertops and the sink. Everything else was done.”

Rochelle Lynne Design focuses on kitchen and bathroom projects.
Word of mouth and repeat customers keep Rochelle and staff busy. Photo courtesy Rochelle Lynne Design.

Concierge Service

That’s because the design firm prides itself on having strong systems and processes in place to ensure projects move along as smoothly as possible. “We are very organized,” says Patti McWilliams, an interior designer who handles the furnishings and decor aspect of Rochelle Lynne Design projects as well as managing the books. “We have good systems in place, and I try to keep clients on track to make sure they make decisions in a timely manner.”

All five members of the crew make it their mantra to give their clients "concierge service" accented with practical, down-to-earth sensibility. “We treat the $40,000 kitchen renovation with the same white-glove service as the $200,000 kitchen renovation,” says Rochelle. “The $400,000 home gets the same treatment as the $6 million dollar home. Everyone gets the same service, the same treatment and the same consideration.”

Rochelle Lynne Design is located in the town of Cochrane.
Rochelle and staff take pride in having strong systems and processes in place that ensure projects move smoothly.
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