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By Athena Raypold

United by a Love for Photography

Carly and Boe Lefebvre, the duo behind 3Haus Photographics, have been shooting together for more than10 years. Coincidentally, before dating, they both bought the same camera and traveled to Europe. On their first date, Carly and Boe hung out for hours flipping through and discussing the photos she took on her trip. While Boe was formally trained and introduced Carly to the world of wedding photography, the two have been pursuing photography in tandem for years, prior to sharing the same path: Photography united them.

“A lot of people love that we’re husband and wife,” says Carly. Because they are so in sync with each other, they always know where the other person is and what they need; they play off of each other, perpetually in motion, tag teaming their wedding sessions with ease and expertise. Carly and Boe’s shooting evolved as their relationship evolved, and they credit their ability to capture connection to how in love they are with each other and their craft. “It’s easier to connect with people who are passionate and in love when you are passionate and in love with what you’re doing,” says Carly.

Both Carly and Boe bring unique qualities to their sessions. “Boe brings the wide, creative, bold shots. He’s able to see a picture in his head and really just execute that so well, [creating] the dramatic, epic shots,” says Carly. “I bring the tone back a bit, the more romantic side of it, so it’s a good balance.” For 3Haus Photographics, wedding sessions are particularly special, an opportunity for them to reconnect with each other, a chance for them to revel in each other’s creativity and a time to learn from other couples.

It’s easier to connect with people who are passionate and in love when you are passionate and in love with what you’re doing. - Carly Lefebvre, owner and photographer
3Haus Photographics specializes in wedding photography but also does birth photography, headshots, engagements and family photography
Photo by 3Haus Photographics
3Haus Photographics is a husband-and-wife photography team that specializes in wedding photography
Photo by 3Haus Photographics

The Big Moments

All about “bold colours, bold photos and bold statements,” 3Haus Photographics creates legacies, making memories tangible. “Big moments are what make life memorable,” says Carly. “The day-to-day is beautiful, but those big moments are the things people live for and talk about and [cherish].” The name 3Haus Photographics stems from this idea; Carly and Boe offer clients three areas of expertise (commercial, wedding and family) that constitute a couple’s life, inviting clients to build their house with them. While Carly and Boe photograph engagements and weddings together, Carly also shoots headshots, maternity, birth, newborn and family sessions – the big moments.

For Carly, birth photography almost rivals the excitement and connection of wedding sessions. “It’s about the [mother] and husband connecting and talking, or how your husband is holding your hand the whole time and his knuckles are white. It’s intimate and beautiful,” she says. Maternity photos also offer warmth, affection, and anticipation, like a pregnant mother and her daughter contemplating a new sibling’s arrival. All of 3Haus Photographics’ images are ultimately about connection. “If there’s no connection in the photo, it’s just a photo, there’s no story there,” says Carly. “Without connection, there’s no life to the picture.”

3Haus Photographics also does birth photography, showing the connections between family members
Photo by 3Haus Photographics
3Haus Photographics offers maternity and birth photography, in addition to family photo sessions
Photo by 3Haus Photographics

Experience is Everything

The 3Haus Photographics experience is everything; it’s not just about the photos. They want couples to relax, to trust them, to confide in them and to lean on them. Oftentimes, they end up becoming a wedding planner of sorts, referring vendors, setting up timelines, assisting others to ensure the bride and groom get only the best service all around.  “[In a restaurant] the food can be great, it can be fantastic,” says Carly. “But if the server was rude or didn’t check in, you don’t care to go back because there’s a thousand other restaurants with great food. It’s the same thing with photography.”

3Haus Photographics’ personalized experience and genuine interest in their clients even secured them lifelong friends in former clients. “We shot their wedding eight years ago, three weeks before our wedding and we [got together] every Thursday for a year following their wedding,” says Carly. “To this day, they are our closest friends.”

Carly and Boe love sharing their images with clients, knowing that the experience they create for their clients result in family legacies. "I love [helping] other families give that legacy to their children and generations after," says Carly.

3Haus Photographics does photography that shows the connections between people, like family members
Photo by 3Haus Photographics
3Haus Photographics provides wedding photography, in addition to doing engagement, family, birth and maternity photographs
Photo by 3Haus Photographics
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