Alligator Pie Kidswear
By YP Contributor

The Well-Dressed Newborn

1986 saw the beginning of a niche store in a new development in Edmonton’s downtown area. The Manulife Place has since established a solid footing as a high-fashion and specialty store destination for shoppers. Alligator Pie Kidswear is a unique part of this scene, catering to the needs of newborns, toddlers and growing children.

“We had a friend in real estate development,” says store owner Catherine Medak. “He asked if we were interested in opening a shop there, and we went for it.” She says there wasn't a lot of designer kids clothing available in Edmonton at the time, so she decided to take over that niche.

Alligator Pie Kidswear carries designer labels such as Hugo Boss, Armani, Burberry and Puma. These brands are ideal for giving children a dressier look for special occasions or exciting days at school. They also make great gifts for new parents.

We’re a boutique, so we have hands-on knowledge of the products. - Catherine Medak, owner

Baby’s First Pair of Pumas

“We used to sell the usual baby apparel, like sleepers and pyjamas, but we noticed that customers were choosing luxury brands and outfits for their children instead.” In addition to high quality brands, she says they also carry a wide selection of denim and formal wear for older children.

Catherine and her staff have specialized knowledge of measurements and sizes for children of all ages. “We’re a boutique, so we have more hands-on knowledge of the products. In large department stores, you may not find anyone with this knowledge.” At Alligator Pie Kidswear, customers will benefit from this unique expertise when selecting the right pair of shoes or newborn outfit.

Catherine’s day-to-day experience of running her business is a little different than that of a regular baby supply store. “My day starts at home, checking business emails,” she says. “At the store, I start with re-orders, special orders and the usual daily upkeep of a small business.” She loves providing great customer service, as it sets Alligator Pie Kidswear apart from others.

Showing Customer Appreciation

Catherine often donates excess stock and items that cannot be returned to manufacturers, as this offers less-advantaged children a chance to wear high-quality garments. “I will donate to any charity or school that helps to dress underprivileged children,” she says. “But we also do Fashion for Compassion in support of Sorrentino’s Compassion House, and we have a fashion show in support of McDougall House.”

In the future, Catherine hopes there will be an expansion of Alligator Pie Kidswear. Manulife Place has been a great location for her business for a long time, and she's extremely grateful for the customers who continue to come to her store. She intends to keep that momentum moving forward in the future.

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