Ampersand 27
By YP Contributor

A Different Dining Experience in Edmonton

A chef by trade, Nathin Bye wanted to create something different in the Edmonton dining scene. “I wanted people to experience a different way to eat. After all, the best things in history are paired: beer and pizza, wine and cheese, friends and family. Ampersand | 27 is about making memories and being crafted to be different.”

Opened in November 2014, Ampersand | 27 is the first of Nathin’s restaurants that he feels is 100% reflective of himself and his style. From the island of taps beneath a bubble-chandelier to the artwork and light fixtures, Nathin chose and designed everything.

“I’m not a regular chef, in that regard. I am hands-on and detail-oriented in all aspects of the business, not just food. I was here everyday to get it set up. I would take out the trash, mop the floors, I would do anything that needed to be done. Luckily I didn’t have to do it alone. I worked with an extremely talented and passionate creative designer. And it takes a lot of money to make a restaurant happen, so I feel very, very lucky that an investor helped me realize my vision.”

I fell in love with helping people have a good time when they go out. - Nathin Bye, owner

A Culinary Calling

Nathin’s previous venture garnered widespread acclaim, even going so far as to win the silver medal at the Vancouver International Wine Festival and place among the top three restaurants in the city, among other accolades. “I won my second Golden Plate at Wildflower Grill. During my tenure there I got it into the top three restaurants in Edmonton and although no longer affiliated with it, it is still regarded as one of the top restaurants in the city.”

Cooking has been a lifelong passion of Nathin’s, which he discovered during family gatherings as a youth. “Family gatherings always meant amazing food. My mother and grandmother are excellent cooks. My grandmother had a huge garden and did all of her own pickling and canning,” Nathin says. He got his start working in the restaurant industry at the tender age of 15. “When I started cooking, I fell in love with the adrenaline, the camaraderie and helping people have a good time when they go out.”

Detailed Differences

“I’m definitely known for doing things differently,” Nathin comments. “From the food to the customer service to the décor. I have a keen eye for detail and, in a restaurant, I believe it’s all these little things that make up the total experience.”

The top-to-bottom renovation Ampersand | 27 underwent once Nathin took on the project has created a fluid and natural space filled with beautiful artwork and décor. New and regular customers alike have welcomed it as a great addition to the pub and club style of Whyte Avenue.

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