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A Lifelong Passion for Quality Food

Having gotten his start in the restaurant industry in the 1980s at the age of 14, Violino’s general manager Adrian Solomon has seen it all, but his passion for food has always driven him forward.

Originally from Romania, he earned his culinary school degree before he was 18 and went off to study hotel management in university for five years. Adrian travelled through Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and other places around the world as the assistant maître d’ for an Italian restaurant on a cruise ship, and finally came to Edmonton in 2009.

“Restaurants have been my lifelong passion and, to stick with my tradition, I was looking for an Italian place,” says Adrian. “Violino had recently been bought by a local family. The previous owner sold the restaurant because it was too high end; we renovated it completely to become more accessible to Edmontonians.”

Now, Edmonton has the benefit of Adrian’s professional training and polished skillset. “At Violino,” he says, “I take care of all the needs of the restaurant: reservations, accounting, advertising, paperwork.”

Relax, enjoy your food, order an entrée if you feel like it. Stay for five hours or stay for one – we always want our customers to feel welcome. - Adrian Solomon, general manager

Affordable Fine Italian Dining in Edmonton

“It was a challenge to shift the upscale restaurant to a more casual dining experience,” Adrian says. “We wanted to change the perception of the restaurant, so we adjusted to the market in this area. We approached the market with better prices, but with the same quality of experience.”

The menu has plenty of Italian favourites to choose from, and the outdoor, wood-fired pizza oven is a popular draw. To the delight of diners, some items are prepared tableside, including the fettuccini tavolino.

“I use some Everclear to flambé asiago cheese, because it leaves no residue or flavour,” says Adrian. “I toss the pasta in the cheese, and serve it to the customer. We try to do some dishes tableside because it adds to the atmosphere and offers more of an experience.”

Enjoy Your Dinner, Linger Over a Glass of Wine

The customer’s experience is Adrian’s top priority. “We want to give a different dining experience,” he says. “Come in for a glass of wine, maybe an appetizer. Relax, enjoy your food, order an entrée if you feel like it. Stay for five hours or stay for one – we always want our customers to feel welcome.”

To this end, Adrian is careful when booking reservations to set tables aside, so people can enjoy their time at Violino without being rushed to make room for a reservation. “I don’t make reservations unless we have the room,” he says. “It’s an old-fashioned way of dining.”

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