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Cheeky Name, Great Results

Bush Whacked Laser is a popular spot along Whyte Avenue, not only for its laser hair and tattoo removal services, but because of its name. “A lot of people take pictures in front of the place just because of our name,” says co-owner Cathy Wong. When Cathy and her sister, Cheryl, came up with the name they knew the double meaning would raise eyebrows. “There’s the figurative meaning where people clear a path in the bush. Then there’s the slang term for the pubic region,” says Cathy.  “So, we’re like why not? Let’s go for the shock value. Someone will remember a name like Bush Whacked. It’s going to stick in someone’s head.”

The name may be a conversation starter, but the success of Bush Whacked Laser has more to do with their technology, central location and the business savvy of the two sisters. Cathy and Cheryl had started an eyelash extension business in 2009, and were so successful they expanded to a bigger spot across the hall in their building. “We had caught the business bug and saw the success of it. Our original small spot was available and we wondered what to put in there,” says Cathy. “The idea of pain-free hair removal would sell more than the alternative, so that was our main focal point.”

Our process is a little bit slower but people don’t mind it. They’ll take that over pain any day. - Cathy Wong, co-owner
Bush Whacked Laser uses pain-free laser technology that works on a different wavelength than traditional hair removal lasers

Pain-free Laser Hair Removal

The pain-free laser technology at Bush Whacked Laser is the same as other laser hair removal centres but with a different wavelength. “With pain-free, it’s a slow warming of the hair to reach the follicle,” says Cathy. “The other way is a quick pulsing zap. Our process is a little bit slower but people don’t mind it. They’ll take that over pain any day.”

The technicians at Bush Whacked Laser are highly trained in this new technology and must get proper education. “In Canada, there’s no real legislation over training. For our peace of mind, we know the girls have gone through extensive training and know the ins and outs of hair growth,” says Cathy. “They can troubleshoot easily if something is going on and they have the knowledge to educate.”

Bush Whacked Laser only hires technicians that are educated in the art of hair removal

Erase Past Mistakes

In 2016, Bush Whacked Laser added tattoo removal to their list of services. They found a machine that removed ink a thousand times faster than previous lasers,which results in fewer treatment sessions. “There’s a lot of bad ink out there,” says Cathy. “You can fix your mistakes now. We thought it would be a growing industry.”

You don’t need to get the tattoo completely removed, either. It can be used to fade the original tattoo for another artist to put new design on top of it. “A lot of tattoo artists now require a couple of sessions of removal to fade the tattoo, so the dark lines aren’t as prominent,” says Cathy. “It doesn’t clear it all the way but it’s enough that they can put something over top [of the old tattoo].”

Bush Whacked Laser is located in the historic Old Strathcona district, on Whyte Avenue
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