Divinity Within
By Athena Raypold

Acknowledging the Divinity Within

Born of Indian descent in South Africa, Youmashni Naidoo, owner of Divinity Within, grew up speaking English but listening to her grandparents greet their friends, “Namaste.” When she asked her grandfather what it means, he told her, “It means acknowledging the divinity in somebody else.” Youmashni has carried the power of that sentiment all her life and it ultimately led her to life coaching, to “helping people acknowledge their divinity within … Understanding that we all have divine power, that we all have the ability to have this great life that we want and we deserve," she says. "It’s not outside ourselves, it’s within.”

The type of person to whom people divulge their most personal stories, Youmashni has always had an empathetic ear, an ability to make people feel heard. When she first embarked on this path, a customer at her parents’ café told her that she was a healer and should look into being a life coach. Youmashni researched it and discovered that it called to her – it was something she could do.

She enrolled in a life coaching program at Coach U and has continued to educate herself in neurolinguistic programming (NLP), emotional freedom technique (EFT), and took a meditation course at the Dalai Lama’s ashram in India.

While all of this study has aided Youmashni in her work over the last 10 years, she firmly believes that her gift is empowering people. “People really see, when they sit across from me, that the picture of themselves that they have in their head is completely different from who they are," she says. "They’re two different people. I came here to do this … assisting people to see who they are.”

Understanding that we all have divine power, that we all have the ability to have this great life that we want and we deserve. It’s not outside ourselves, it’s within. - Youmashni Naidoo, owner

A Safe Space and Chai Lattes

Running her life coaching sessions in her parents’ restaurant, Narayanni’s, during off hours, Youmashni makes her clients a tea or her mother’s famous Chai latte, and sits across from them in one of the restaurant’s cozy booths.

Originally, she worked in a clinic environment but has found that clients prefer the cozy, comfortable atmosphere of the family restaurant better. Every session, whether with an individual, a couple or a family, begins with creating a safe space for her clients, which is a process of removing embarrassment and shame – letting go of the ego and putting everything on the table.

With a conversational, natural and empathetic approach, Youmashni begins by discussing a client’s reasons for seeking her out. Those reasons inevitably lead to the discovery of a deeper event or trauma that has created a foundational belief system that hinders the path to happiness, to knowing and seeing oneself. Through exploring those foundations, their outlook on life and their relationships, Youmashni creates a space for clients to truly see themselves. “It’s a process,” she says. “Looking at your patterns of behaviour, how you respond, how you react, looking at all of that and being able to understand who you are. From that space, building a new foundation … When somebody feels safe, their whole world turns around.”

A Guide to Self-Awareness

“Awareness is the biggest thing,” Youmashni says. “Once you become aware of something, you’ll never do it again. When you’re conscious and present, you won’t go to that space because it’s not natural for you.”

Youmashni believes that a peace and joy are naturally within people, and she is a guide that leads them through their life experiences, allowing them to acknowledge the traumas that are plaguing them, to truly see their patterns of behaviour and to discover their truths. “I don’t give them all the answers,” she says, “because I am still growing; I am still learning. I am still on this quest, this journey, as well, of self-enlightenment, self-discovery. I can assist you, I can guide you, but you do all the work. You know your truth; it’s your truth.”

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