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By Stephanie Dubois

A Place for Bouncy Fun

Indoor trampoline parks have become a place where people can jump around and at Jump 360 Edmonton, fun at any age is something they encourage.

Located in the west end of the city, Jump 360 Edmonton came onto the market in 2014, as LZ Trampoline Park. It was in May 2016 that the company changed their brand and name to Jump 360 Edmonton and welcomed a second location in Red Deer.

Despite their name change, the business still offers the same great space for people to have fun on trampolines. With an area for guests to play dodgeball, fitness classes on the trampolines and an area for toddlers during the week, Jump 360 Edmonton has always made their business a fun place for all ages. “Anyone from kids to grandparents can participate in our fitness classes,” says Hillary Hastey, director of marketing and community relations with Jump 360 Edmonton.

Anyone from kids to grandparents can participate in our fitness classes. - Hillary Hastey, director of marketing and community relations
Jump 360 Edmonton is an indoor trampoline park with dodgeball courts, basketball dunk zones and trampoline cage ball

Trampolines and Sports

The business has become a popular place for dodgeball leagues who play on the two dodgeball specific trampoline courts to provide an extra physical challenge. Friends can also square off at the business’s two basketball dunk zones and trampoline cage ball.

But many visit the 33,000 square foot park to share in some quality time with their children and to simply have fun as adults remembering playtime or to act as ‘kidults,’ as Hillary calls them. “For kids, obviously it’s a no brainer why they like it here. There’s a sea of trampolines for them to have fun on. For adults, that plays into it as well. We all like to be ‘kidults,’” she says.

Jump 360 Edmonton offers customers 33,000 square feet of indoor fun with trampolines everywhere
Jump 360 Edmonton also has an area that consists of airbags spanning 80, similar to foam pits

Fun for all ages

In addition to the huge area to jump, flip and bounce on, the business also has an area that provides a different experience. Similar to foam pits found at other trampoline parks, the Jump 360 Edmonton airbags spanning 80 feet provide attendees with more bouncy fun while on the premise. Guests can even land on the inflated areas using a rope swing, battle beam or special ‘Flip Zone.’

With the demand for bouncy fun increasing since the business first launched, owners were prompted to expand to Red Deer. The new trampoline park opened in 2016 to provide fun to those also in central Alberta. In addition to hours of trampoline activity, both locations also offer an area for birthday parties and other group events in an atmosphere that is all about having fun. “There’s something here for everyone,” says Hillary.

Jump 360 Edmonton offers fun for kids and adults of all ages
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