Haweli Restaurant
By YP Contributor

Indulge in Indian Cuisine

Having already owned and operated the buffet-style New Asian Village restaurants, Harmeet Kapur and his family were looking for a new way to introduce Edmontonians to their culture and the experience of Indian fine dining. Enter Haweli. “Not only did we want to diversify, but we also wanted an a la carte restaurant to fully solidify the Indian cuisine experience,” Harmeet says. “Everything is made fresh and from scratch, we have a full drink list, and the restaurant offers the relaxing and welcoming atmosphere found in many Indian homes.”

With romantic lighting and soft colours, Haweli is a perfect downtown date destination. The inclusion of classical Indian music played with sitar and tabla every Saturday night adds an extra air of authenticity that rounds out the Indian dining experience here.

Everything is made fresh and from scratch. - Harmeet Kapur, restaurant owner

Traditional Indian Dishes Made from Scratch

“Another reason to expand within the restaurant industry was my mother,” Harmeet says. “She was selected as one of the top five ethnic chefs across Canada by Hotel Magazine, which is based out of Toronto. She inspired me to get into cooking and we did a lot of cooking shows together.”

Much of the Canadian restaurant industry has caught on to the tastes of Indian cuisine. There are many places that offer butter chicken and dosa, but Haweli offers a wide selection of traditional dishes that you may not find anywhere else. “We have Shakahari, a vegetarian main course. The tandoori is marinated overnight in house-made yoghurt and grilled to order in our charcoal fired clay oven,” says Harmeet. “Of course we have pakora, samosa and butter chicken. But all of it is made from scratch; made to order.”

A Family of Foodies in Edmonton

“My mother inspired me to work in the restaurant industry, and I guess my daughters became inspired by me,” says Harmeet. “I started them working as dishwashers and then I moved them through the restaurant so that they would learn everything. The more involved they became, the more they loved it.” Now, Harmeet’s daughter Sonia and her husband Ramesh own and operate Haweli and help out at some of the family's other restaurants across Edmonton. It’s just one of many ways that this food-loving family has made their mark on the city’s thriving culinary scene.

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