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From Dancer to Pilates Instructor

Tracy Stafford teaches Pilates because she’s seen its power firsthand. Before founding Integration Pilates Studio, she was a professional dancer in Toronto. One day, she suffered a chance injury that threatened to end her career. She turned to Pilates for rehabilitation and, soon after, she was back on her feet, literally, and dancing again. “Dancers and their injuries influenced Pilates (the man for whom the exercise is named) and many people use it for rehabilitation after an injury,” says Tracy. “When people start doing Pilates, they’ll often feel these old injuries again, but it’s a good thing. You’re actually strengthening muscles you didn’t even know you had.”

After learning the benefits of Pilates, Tracy moved to Edmonton and opened her own studio in 2000. Since then, her classes have helped Edmontonians stay active, work through injuries and have fun. “We offer all sorts of classes but they’re all very much related,” she says. “Our classes all try to be very mindful. We teach yoga and meditation, as well as Pilates, which can be done with or without equipment. Every class we have, from our stretch and meditation classes to our regular Pilates, is geared towards different people and their needs.”

Every class we have, from our stretch and meditation classes to our regular Pilates, is geared towards different people and their needs. - Tracy Stafford, owner
Integration Pilates Studio offers Pilates classes for every age and skill level

A Space to Stretch Out In

While Tracy creates classes for anyone at any level, her focus remains on rehabilitation. “I study with physical therapists who understand the latest about injury prevention, injury rehabilitation and how to optimize the body for athletic performance,” she says. “Our classes can help people build muscle much in the same way as weightlifting, but with less strain on the body. Or they can help them improve their range of movement.”

Tracy chose her studio’s location because of the space it afforded her. Rather than trying to cram her classes into a smaller space, the Oliver area studio gives her students room to move. “This used to be a clothing factory, so it has the space I need,” says Tracy. “Pilates needs a lot of room because people need to stretch. This space gives people a real sense of freedom.”

Integration Pilates Studio offers a variety of classes, including those that require equipment and those that don't
Integration Pilates Studio also teaches yoga and meditation classes, in addition to Pilates

Improve Your Golf Game with Pilates

Tracy says she gets a lot of questions about Pilates, but her favourite is “Can you improve my golf game?” Her answer is a firm “yes.” “I can guarantee that Pilates will help someone with their golf game,” she says. “It will help increase your range of motion and develop your core strength, all of which you need for playing golf.”

No matter your skill level or reason for trying Pilates, you can find a class for you at Integration Pilates Studio. Tracy knows firsthand how Pilates can improve people’s lives, and she’s excited to teach people something that changed her own life completely. “I love that I can work with people directly and help them get healthier,” says Tracy. “And I get to be creative in developing classes and figuring out new ways to connect with my clients. It’s a lot of fun.”

Integration Pilates Studio is located in a spacious studio in the Oliver neighbourhood in downtown Edmonton
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