Pure Bridal Inc
By YP Contributor

Family-Focused Bridal Boutique

For a long time, sisters Alyssa Kanhai and Corinna Ha had a dream to own a business together. The only problem was that they didn’t know what it would be. Over the years, each pursued different educational paths and landed stable employment. But when Alyssa returned to Edmonton after years of living in Toronto, the conversation started again. Alyssa remembers saying, “Let’s do it now – let’s finally open our own business.” After a lot of market research and brainstorming, they finally opened Pure Bridal in 2006.

For a long time, the only experience Alyssa and Corinna had with bridal shops was through shopping with their friends and relatives. From this, they knew that they wanted to make the experience of buying a wedding grown vastly different from what they had seen in other stores. Bringing meaningful change to the shopping experience of Edmonton’s brides was the driving force behind the decision to open Pure Bridal.

Our business continues to thrive because we have created a shopping experience like no other bridal shop. - Alyssa Kanhai, co-owner

A Luxurious Bridal Shopping Experience in Edmonton

Pure Bridal is a bridal boutique with four separate suites, which can be booked by appointment. The bride-to-be and her guests are welcomed into a spacious suite and are introduced to an experienced wedding consultant who will help to find the perfect bridal gown and accessories. “The interior design is based on the stores in SoHo, in downtown Manhattan. It’s a modern and luxurious space that makes a beautiful backdrop for shared memories,” says Alyssa.

Pure Bridal strives to make their clients feel special and develop relationships with them over time. “Buying a wedding gown can be a one- or two-year process,” Alyssa says. “We see our clients regularly and we get to know them and their families very well. Many friendships are born here.”

Experienced Wedding Consultants

Brides-to-be deserve to be spoiled and given superior customer service as they search for the gown they’ve always dreamed of. “The consultants at Pure Bridal are hired for their ability to relate to people, as well as for their personality and fashion sense. The hard skills of the job we can teach, but our consultants need to have those relatable qualities first,” says Alyssa.

Pure Bridal consultants help guide the entire bridal party through the process of buying a bridal gown. They are also able to suggest customized accessories and jewellery once the dress is chosen. “Our business continues to thrive because we have created a shopping experience like no other bridal shop,” says Alyssa. “The word-of-mouth is excellent, and it’s all because of the comprehensive service we provide.”

The store’s website features a space for brides to post messages to their consultants, along with wedding day pictures, which shows the ongoing relationship and emotional experience shared between the staff and new brides at Pure Bridal.

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