Lifestyle Meditation
By Athena Raypold

Full of Beautiful Contradictions

Warm, soft spoken and insatiably curious with an inherent calm about her, Mandy Trapp is full of beautiful contradictions: She is both spiritual and secular, both wise and innocent; both nurturing and independent; both teacher and student. But the owner and creative director of Lifestyle Meditation is, above all else, a helper. Even as a small child, Mandy wanted to help people, aspiring to become a psychiatrist. And while her life never ventured into psychology, in one way or another, she has always done just that: Help people.

From bartender to personal trainer to yoga instructor to meditation teacher, Mandy naturally lends her ear to others, creating a safe space for vulnerability and contemplation. The help she offers is indirect, introspective. “The way I’ve been told that I help [people] is not in the sense of being direct or saying, ‘This is what you should do,’ but in giving permission,” she says. “Validating where they are at and then giving permission for them to find their own answers within themselves.”

Meditation gives us that opportunity to lean out of chaos and find a safe space within ourselves. - Mandy Trapp, owner
Lifestyle Meditation is owned and operated by Mandy Trapp, who believes meditation has healing powers
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Lifestyle Meditation is a meditation centre that doubles as a family hub for the owner
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The Natural State of Who We Are

When Mandy took her first meditation course, having no idea what mediation was about, she quickly discovered that she’d been naturally meditating her whole life. “I knew within the first 10 minutes that [the instructor] was speaking, ‘Oh my God, this is what I do.’ She validated me,” says Mandy. All her life, in traumatic and stressful circumstances, Mandy instinctively relied on meditation as a coping mechanism. She would enclose herself in a quiet space, take deep breaths and go on mental journeys to escape the darkness around her. “I learned later in life that meditation gives us that opportunity to lean out of chaos and find a safe space within ourselves,” says Mandy. “It is natural and it is intuitive – it’s the natural state of who we are.” After that first class, Mandy returned asking, “How do I teach this? Where do I learn?,” which sent her to The Chopra Center in California where she earned her Ayurvedic Master designation.

From there, Mandy opened a yoga studio, but eventually discovered that the busyness of her life and her work was pulling her away from what really mattered: Her family. “I could never be there for my kids,” she says. “They were learning and doing their things, and I felt like somebody else was raising them.” Shortly thereafter, Mandy closed her yoga studio, which she describes as the most freeing moment of her life. “It was a call for me to see if I’m standing in integrity and I wasn’t. I was stressed out and panicking and worried about my kids,” she says. Meditation helped her out of that place, and guided her towards understanding that her true calling is teaching meditation. In the years following, she began to shape the idea for Lifestyle Meditation and convinced her husband, John, to embark on the journey with her. Now, Lifestyle Meditation is her family’s hub, their grounding centre, the place that unites them.

Lifestyle Meditation works to address the five fundamental human emotional needs
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Lifestyle Meditation provides stress relief for clients through meditation classes
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An Accessible and Easy Way to Practice Meditation

In her teacher training program at Lifestyle Meditation, Mandy teaches that “there are five fundamental emotional needs of every single human being. One is to be heard, one is to be seen, one is to be loved, one is to be safe, and the other is to belong, to be relevant.” Because one or more of these needs are threatened at any given moment, meditation provides relief from the stress those threats evoke.

Lifestyle Meditation offers an accessible and easy way to practice and share in meditation. From workshops and classes to the self-guided meditation rooms, the studio provides a safe, welcoming space to find a sense of calm amidst the chaos of daily life, to counteract anxiety and overstimulation, and to energize the soul. “We are extremely aware of all the distress in our lives, but we don’t necessarily know how to fix it or what to do with it,“ says Mandy. “We try these external temporary things – maybe if I just do this diet, or I cut this out, or if my husband and I go away on this trip, then we’ll totally reconnect – but then you go back to being who you are.” She notes that happiness is not something outside of ourselves, it’s within. Lifestyle Meditation is a balm to soothe the stresses of daily life, and with core values like love, collaboration, community, and respect, Mandy and her team are the ultimate helpers. “Everything we do is from a place of love,” she says.

Lifestyle Meditation is a meditation studio that offers classes, workshops and more
Photography provided by Dzine Photography
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