Wild Hunny Esthetics
By Athena Raypold

An Expert Esthetician with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Owner of the Morinville-based spa, Wild Hunny Esthetics, Jacqueline Bubley, acquired her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to working for herself from both her father and grandfather, who owned their own businesses. While they hoped she’d take over the family accounting firm, Jacqueline had other plans. After taking an esthetics program, she started Wild Hunny Esthetics in 2001, by going “door to door to every company in Morinville,”  she says. Jacqueline introduced herself to her fellow business owners, shared a brochure and a discount, and slowly, clients trickled in.

“The first day,” she says, “I made nine dollars on an eyebrow wax and I thought, ‘I hope this lady comes back. It would be so cool if she comes back in four weeks to get another eyebrow wax.’ And she did.” Since then, Jacqueline’s clientele have stuck with her, referring their friends and building her growing clientele through word of mouth. Not only does Jacqueline have clients from Morinville and St. Albert, but her expertise has also attracted clients from Spruce Grove, Legale, Gibbons, Bon Accord, Edmonton and even as far away as Leduc. People are willing to drive the distance for an expert wax at Wild Hunny Esthetics.

I love making people feel good at the end of each service. - Jacqueline Bubley, owner and esthetician
Wild Hunny Esthetics started in 2001, and has continued to serve the Morinville community, as well as people from outside of town
Photo by Athena Raypold

A Full Service Spa

True to her name, Jacqueline is know for her bubbly personality, her incomparable expertise, and her uncanny ability to put her clients at ease even when they’re bare below the waist. “To make people feel comfortable,” she says, “I usually tell clients, ‘Don’t worry, you’re in good hands, I’ve been doing this for 15 years, day in and day out. Everyday.’ It’s not just one a day, sometimes I have 15 or 20 waxes in a day. Waxing [makes up] nine out of 10 of my services.”

While full body waxing (eyebrows, upper lip, underarms, legs, bikini and back and chest for men) comprises the bulk of her business, Wild Hunny Esthetics also offers eyelash tinting, manicures and pedicures (including shellac polish), facials, tanning and a selection of beauty products like Eye Envy to help lashes grow longer, ingrown hair treatments and lotions.

Wild Hunny Esthetics does mostly waxing services but also offers pedicures, manicures, lash tinting and more
Photo by Athena Raypold

Creating a Safe Space for Clients

Inclusivity is important to Jacqueline and she welcomes everyone. “I have all kinds of clients,” she says. “Some moms that are about 30 years old bringing in their 13-year-old daughters to get their upper lips done so they’re not bullied. And then, I have elderly [clients] that are like 86 with diabetes who need to get pedicures once a month.” For Wild Hunny Esthetics, spa services are about instilling clients with confidence, treating them with respect and sensitivity and giving them what they want. “I love making people feel good at the end of each service,” Jacqueline says. “Everyone’s always happy; they leave happy.”

Through confidence and communication, Jacqueline creates a safe space for clients; she builds trust and security, which is important when it comes to services like a bikini wax. “I’ve had clients that will write me and ask, ‘Do you take pregnant ladies? Do you take big ladies? Because I’m a really big lady and I want to get a Brazilian done.’ I always tell them, ‘I take everybody. Every size, every shape, there’s not a Brazilian I couldn’t do,’” she says, “It’s just a matter of taking a little extra time making sure the client is helping you.”

Wild Hunny Esthetics, a full service spa offering full body wax, manicures, pedicures, tanning, and facials, is located in Morinville.
Photo by Athena Raypold

Taking the Time

Providing the best possible experience for her clients also means taking care of herself. Jacqueline’s biggest challenge as an esthetician is the physical strain of waxing clients every day. “It can be strenuous on your back and hips, leaning into different positions to make sure the client is hair free,” she says. Jacqueline's careful not to work too many hours, so she doesn't injure herself.  She also regularly sees a massage therapist and a chiropractor to manage the physical impact of waxing clients every day, and schedules clients keeping in mind both her own and her clients’ time.

Wild Hunny Esthetics is about pampering and time well spent. Jacqueline won’t rush through services or squeeze clients into an already busy day. “I am not going to do a hack job just to get [a client] in and out. It’s not about making the buck, or making an extra 20 in a day,” she says. “I like to spend extra time with each client.”

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