Seed N Salt
By Jillian Clark

Feel the vibe

A chalkboard sign hangs behind the counter at Seed N Salt. Each day it provides a new piece of inspiration – a new seed planted in the minds of those placing orders. “What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?” Edible plants and herbs grow on the street-facing patio and floor to ceiling windows light the dining area. Health-conscious diners fill small tables, bar stools or communal benches. The slogans, the mottos and the endless smiles combine to establish the atmosphere of Seed N Salt, a popular Mission eatery offering salads, bowls and other healthy offerings.

Everything comes from a seed – that's the premise of Seed N Salt. “It’s the start of someone’s dream. It’s the start of a new beginning. It’s the start of when that farmer decided this would be the livelihood for his family,” says co-owner Melodie-Joy Miller. The "salt" part of the name is inspired by hard work and commitment – the sweat and the challenge it takes to grow a seed. “We often say this has taken a lot of salt," Melodie-Joy chuckles.

It’s the start of someone’s dream. It’s the start of a new beginning. - Melodie-Joy Miller, co-owner
Seed N Salt is a locally-owned, fast-casual eatery.
Melodie-Joy Miller and Heather Merrett co-own Seed N Salt, a locally-sourced, fast-casual eatery in Mission. Photo by Jill Clark

Planting seeds

Co-owners Melodie-Joy and Heather Merrett live the Seed N Salt lifestyle daily. The Seed N Salt experience is “come as you are,” Melodie-Joy says, “but expect amazing taste profiles.” Bowls and salads are assembled with marinated, roasted and fresh-made ingredients – think tangled Thai and Tulum bowls or Tuscan and cobb salads. They balance their smoothies with coffee, craft beer and regional wines from their favourite Canadian producers.

Being located in the popular Mission district, Seed N Salt attracts all sorts of diners, including “business professionals, people on a date, moms with a stroller (and) friends just finished a fitness class,” according to Melodie-Joy. The common ground is healthy, balanced lifestyles and a love for delicious meals. Plus, Seed N Salt caters to dietary restrictions, including gluten-free, paleo and vegan.

Seed N Salt serves up delicious light options, such as the avocado toast.
The avocado toast at Seed N Salt is a popular option for both breakfast and lunch. Photo provided by Seed N Salt.
Seed N Salt serves up fresh salads and smiles.
Seed N Salt attracts all sorts of diners to its front counter – all of whom are met with a smile. Photo provided by Seed N Salt.

Growing the seed with salt

Both coming from corporate backgrounds, opening Seed N Salt was not a lifelong dream for Heather and Melodie-Joy. But as both are superhero mothers of three with passions to garden fresh produce, real food and home-cooked meals, developing a fresh menu came naturally. Seed N Salt gives the community the opportunity to sit around the power-duo’s table. “Heather and I created every single recipe," Melodie-Joy says. And they did so with their own version of market research – testing it out at the dinner table. Their combined six children gave dishes the final approval by a measure of two thumbs up.

Their passion for fresh food grew from the seeds their families planted, a combination of family farming roots and hours watching mom in the kitchen. But even city dwellers should experience the passion behind a farm fresh lifestyle. Seed N Salt gives community members the opportunity to meet the farmers – one day, diners can learn about the wine used at the restaurant, the next, there might be a carrot sampling.

It's likely that guests will leave Seed N Salt impressed not only with their healthy, delicious meals, but with a smile on their face and some new inspiration in their back pocket. With a philosophy to inspire and bring joy to the Mission community, Melodie-Joy and Heather are surely flying.

Seed N Salt is a popular option amongst Mission residents.
Seed N Salt has quickly become a favourite to Mission-dwellers looking for healthy and delicious menu items. Photo provided by Seed N Salt.
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