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A Wide Variety of Promotional Materials

While running her driving range and pro shop business in Sherwood Park, Vonita Jordan received a request from a customer asking if Long Shotz could get promotional items, such as logo-emblazoned golf shirts, made. “The client said it was tough to find someone with good customer service, so he came to us. The order turned out to be pretty significant,” says Vonita. “We picked up a few referrals, and it went from just doing golf shirts to logo pens, mugs and industrial wear.”

There was soon enough business coming in to open Long Shotz Corporate Sales, a separate business dealing strictly with promotional material for companies.

We are committed to a premium product. If it’s nice, people will want to wear it – which is what you want when your logo is on it. - Vonita Jordaan, owner

Premium Personalized Products

Through the pro shop business, Long Shotz Corporate Sales already had several vendors in place and they sought out the best partners in embroidery and silk-screening. As more requests came in, the list of items they could offer expanded. Long Shotz Corporate Sales has now successfully expanded throughout Alberta. “We take accountability seriously. At the end of the day, it’s our reputation,” says Vonita. “We are committed to a premium product. If it’s nice, people will want to wear it – which is what you want when your logo is on it. We understand that if you have to give away a product it has to be useful or it’s going to end up in the dumpster.”

The Long Shotz Corporate Sales team meets face-to-face with their clients to showcase their work and offer a close look at the products they provide. “We take examples out because people need to touch and feel the fabric,” says Vonita. “We don’t like to send you a link to an image of something. We like to have our own sample so you can really understand the quality.”

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Internal Promotional Catalogues

Alberta is home to a quickly growing market for businesses that offer employees internal promotional products. Whether it be for longtime service or as a rewards program for safety initiatives, Long Shotz Corporate Sales can set up a catalogue for the client with a list of items an employee can choose from. “Companies are realizing they would rather spend the money on one vendor than shop every single time they need to do a giveaway,” says Vonita. Having their own catalogue of promotional items makes life easier for everyone and saves them money.

Long Shotz Corporate Sales works with each client to personalize what is important for the respective corporation. “We have one client with a VP who likes to have fishing and hunting products, so we’ll make sure we have a selection of that,” says Vonita.

Apparel, golf accessories, industrial apparel, consultation
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