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Professional Athletic Knowledge

The United States are home to many professionals in the sports industry. With hockey, baseball and football being well-loved national pastimes, there is much to learn for us in Canada, when it comes to training and development. At least, there was, until Dan LaJoie came back from the States in 2003.

“I was an athlete and I knew the importance of training,” Dan says. “Once I got back from the US, after playing semi-professional and college baseball, I noticed a lack of programs here for people going into college and university level sports.”

Athletes Nation began when Dan and Patrick Cassidy were working on a baseball camp program and fundraising for athletic scholarships that would allow athletes to take their skills to the next level. With an initial concentration on baseball, Dan and Pat realized they could offer more services to more athletes, not just baseball players. “Dan and I had played together and against each other in local baseball leagues,” Pat says. “We loved how incredibly difficult baseball is, so we focused on training for baseball players. When we made the training centre, it grew from baseball to other sports.”

They now provide training for many kinds of sports popular in Canada: hockey, baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, rugby, tennis and more.

I want athletes to see the possibility of making their sport into a livelihood and becoming a professional. - Dan LaJoie, founder

Training to Play

“We wonder about the other athlete training companies in Alberta,” Pat says. “Where did they get their experience? Who trained them? How did they become experts? Sometimes, people call themselves an expert after graduating from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), but there’s a lot more to athlete training and development.”

Under the mentorship of Tudor O. Bompa, Istvan Javorek and Charlie Francis, Dan created an athletic training program that focuses on speed and explosive power. Dan’s professional experience and training sets Athletes Nation apart from other athletic development companies. Combined with their full-service facility, including a full length track for speed development, Pat and Dan’s business has helped train professional athletes and those looking to become professional athletes.

“Jerome Iginla trained with us while he was in St. Albert,” Pat says. “He still trains via satellite. We’ve also trained Tyler Ennis, Jared and Tyler Spurgeon, and Turner Elson. We get about ten NHL guys over the summer and around 40 WHL kids, as well. We’ve helped lots of guy who worked their way up to semi-pro hockey and further.”

Athletes Nation

Develop Your Passion for Sports in St Albert

“If you’re a competitive person like me, sports are one environment that is welcoming,” Dan says. “I want athletes to see the possibility of making their sport into a livelihood and becoming a professional.”

If you have a passion and an excitement to train and take your athletic abilities to the next level, the staff at Athletes Nation are committed to helping you reach those goals. “Find something that you are really passionate about," says Pat. "Try a lot of different sports before you decide. But once you decide, you need to find the people in your area that do a really good job of developing your sport.”

Athletes Nation
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