Burnaby Cockney Kings
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Big Fish

“I started washing dishes here when I was 11, in 1985,” says Daniel, now owner of Cockney Kings Fish & Chips, “and I never left.” Daniel grew up at Cockney Kings, and like many longtime residents, he recognizes the restaurant as a Burnaby fixture.

“It’s a neighbourhood institution,” he says. “We’re part of people’s day-to-day routine. Our regulars come in at the same time every week, like clockwork.” With a reputation for top quality fish and chips and friendly, welcoming service, Cockney Kings Fish & Chips has been one of Burnaby’s favourite places to eat since opening in 1965. New customers quickly become regulars, tempted to return by the perfectly fried fish and personable atmosphere.

We’re part of people’s day-to-day routine. Our regulars come in at the same time every week, like clockwork. - Daniel, owner
Cockney Kings fish and chips

A Winning Recipe—Hook, Line and Sinker

“We cook fish and chips, and we do it well,” Daniel says with pride, “our product is fresh, and we have a killer batter recipe - light, not greasy at all.” Daniel knows that his strength is fish, so that’s where he concentrates. With a focus on fish, Daniel and his staff are confident that they consistently deliver the best-tasting fish and chips around.

“Our formula is whatever we sell, it’s got to be better than everybody else’s,”he explains, “because we just do fish and chips, we make sure we do the absolute best fish and chips. We don’t cut any corners.”

Daniel is driven to be the best at what he does, and his popular restaurant is proof that hard work, determination, and staying true to your roots are truly a recipe for success.

Cockney Kings fish and chips

50 Years of Family Dinners

“People are coming out for an experience, for a nice dinner,”Daniel says.,“You want their experience to be the best it can be.”

This starts with a quality meal, but also depends on a pleasant atmosphere and friendly, accommodating staff. Daniel’s long-tenured employees know exactly what diners are looking for when they walk through the door at Cockney Kings Fish & Chips, welcoming them with a well-practiced familiarity that has kept regulars returning for nearly 50 years.

“Our staff’s fantastic, very friendly, been with us for years,” says Daniel, “you come in and we say hello, ask how you are, and we mean it. We don’t just say it because we’re supposed to.” The staff at Cockney Kings Fish & Chips expects every diner to return again, treating them like regulars the first time they walk through the door.

“What sets us apart is comfort,” Daniel concludes, “you feel like you’re sitting at home eating dinner, we’re just making it for you.”

Cockney Kings fish and chips
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