Golden Pita Lebanese Restaurant
By YP Contributor

From Rat Race to Pita Place

In 2014, Imran and his cousin, Jad, purchased Golden Pita – a successful Lebanese restaurant in the Burnaby area. Founded in 1996, Golden Pita is one of the few traditional Lebanese restaurants in the Vancouver area, and certainly the only one in Burnaby.

Both Imran and Jad come from the corporate world: Imran with experience in marketing and Jad with experience in accounting. With a bursting passion for food and the urge to start something new, the cousins left the corporate life to purchase Golden Pita.

 “We bought the restaurant because we loved the food. Since day one our goal has been to preserve the exceptional quality food and service at the restaurant,” says Imran.

This community is great. It’s one of the main reasons we purchased the restaurant. - Imran, Owner
Golden Pita - food and beverage

Traditional Lebanese Cuisine

With an array of popular dishes, the new owners of Golden Pita have dedicated their efforts to preserving the integrity of the menu and the restaurant. Famous for their beef shawarma and falafels cooked to order, Golden Pita offers its customers the best of Lebanese cuisine.

“For those who have never tasted it, Lebanese food resembles a lot of Mediterranean food – such as Greek and Turkish – but with its own unique twist,” explains Imran. “It can be simple, but it’s also very flavourful.”

Dedicated to cooking the freshest food available, Golden Pita shops daily at local farmers' markets and independent stores for all of the food and produce they can. “A delicious meal hinges on the quality of the produce. We only provide fresh food cooked to order. Not only is it delicious, but it’s much healthier than fast-food options.”

With a chef trained in traditional Lebanese techniques and a daily chef’s special on the menu, Golden Pita is home to some of the most authentic Lebanese dishes in British Columbia. “Our most popular dish is probably the Chicken Rocket. It’s made with chicken, onions, and sumac spice wrapped in a pita with hummus, tahini sauce, tomatoes, feta cheese, and turnips,” explains Imran. “It’s my personal favourite.”

Golden Pita also serves a delicious tabbouleh – a staple salad in Lebanese cuisine. “Made with finely chopped parsley, onion, lemon juice, mint, tomato, and olive oil, our tabbouleh is delicious,” says Imran. “In Lebanon, tabbouleh is a course at every dinner, and a quality tabbouleh is something every Lebanese restaurant needs to have.”

Golden Pita - food and beverage

A Community Favourite, With Good Reason

Beyond the exceptional food, Imran and Jad pride themselves on their customer service and the atmosphere of Golden Pita. With just 24 seats, the restaurant is cozy and comfortable for all of its patrons, something that is greatly appreciated by the large base of regular clientele.

From the music in the restaurant to the pictures on the wall, eating at Golden Pita is like stepping into a small restaurant in Lebanon. With traditional hospitality, food and style, Imran and Jad continue to bring a Mediterranean flair to Burnaby.

“This community is great. It’s one of the main reasons we purchased the restaurant,” explains Imran. “The regular customers are very dedicated to this place, so we promised ourselves we would preserve the home-style atmosphere."

Golden Pita - food and beverage
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