Lougheed Village Bar & Grill
By YP Contributor

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Remember the ‘80s TV show about the bar in Boston? It was tucked away in the basement, a little refuge away from the troubles of the day. The bartender and other staff were fun people, and so were the patrons. The Lougheed Village Bar and Grill is Burnaby’s answer to Cheers, according to both its owner and its patrons.

The pub was built as part of the state-of-the-art complex constructed by the Lougheed family in 1974, giving it a great history you can see and feel. The Lougheed boasts an extensive drink list and a varied and reasonably priced food menu, featuring all of the classic pub dishes you could ask for.

To keep you entertained and to help you work up a thirst and appetite, the pub also features a snooker table, several pool tables, dart boards, and shuffle board. The space is 9,000 square feet so there’s room for everyone to get in on the fun.

Our mission is to provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where anyone can enjoy fun activities. - Rob Frost, owner
The Lougheed Village Bar and Grill

A Very Active Ownership

In 2012, someone opened the windows at The Lougheed and blew in some fresh air. That person was Rob Frost, who was determined to keep the pub’s friendly and unpretentious spirit going strong. And when you walk in the door today, you’ll quickly recognize that he has done just this. Even though he’s now the boss, he’s quick to point out that, “It’s really the same place, but with a new attitude.”

“It’s a very active ownership,” he chuckles. This is Rob’s way of saying he also tends bar, every single day, in addition to the duties required of running the business. It’s the way he likes it because it lets him enjoy time with his customers. Rob’s mission statement is a simple but important one: “To provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where anyone can enjoy fun activities.”

This focus on inviting and friendly customer service is a big part of what makes The Lougheed such a great place to visit. Whether you’re a regular, or just stopping in for the first time, Rob welcomes all his guests with the same warmth and enthusiasm.

The Lougheed Village Bar and Grill

Good Food, Good Friends

Over the years, the bar has accumulated a great clientele, who bring a chill atmosphere and vibe to the location. Don’t expect to celebrity-watch here; it’s not that type of place. Though, as Rob laughingly says, “A lot of my customers act like they’re celebrities!”

Rob and his staff make great cocktails and feature specials every night. And the food is both delicious (their Turkey Clubhouse is a Lougheed Village Apartments favourite) and affordable. Whether you go for dinner, drinks, billiards, or Sunday Bingo (it’s free!), you can look forward to a relaxing and enjoyable visit at The Lougheed Village Bar and Grill.

The Lougheed Village Bar and Grill
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