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A New Take on an Old Favourite

Opened in 1973, Romana Pizza and Steakhouse has been a staple in the Burnaby area for decades. Drawing from Italian and Greek influences, Romana’s offers a variety of traditional dishes like souvlaki, lasagna, moussaka and, of course, pizza.

When the restaurant changed ownership in 2014, Vivian took over as manager of Romana’s. She is aware of the challenges new management can face when taking over a well-loved restaurant, but she's up for them. “The previous owners were loved by the community for years,” says Vivian. “We’re ensuring the quality of food and customer service continue to meet and surpass old standards.”

With every customer, our goal is to have them leave with a smile on their face and wanting to come back. - Vivian, manager
Romana Pizza and Steakhouse

Signature Dishes to Make You a Regular

Romana’s philosophy remains the same: to offer high quality food without sacrificing personal touch.  “Customers appreciate the consistently high quality food we offer," says Vivian.

Famous for their specialty pizzas, Romana’s “Burnaby Heights Pizza” is one of the restaurant's most popular dishes and includes ham, pineapple, pepperoni and assorted veggies. Patrons may wish to order an appetizer or side as well; after all, Romana's still offers the same great menu.  “The chef we have working here has been here for over 20 years. Even though the ownership changed, the food and style is very much the same,” Vivian explains.

While special attention is paid to the quality of the food, customer service is the main focus. “The goal should always be to make the customer happy,” says Vivian. “With every customer, our goal is to have them leave with a smile on their face and wanting to come back.”

Romana Pizza and Steakhouse

Building a Legacy One Pizza at a Time

Vivian has embraced the customer base the restaurant has built over decades. “We have quite the following in the local community. From families with kids to groups of teenagers or couples on a date, we cater to all customers," Vivian says.

As Romana's grows, Vivian will continue to remembers its roots and the customers who have made it a success. “We want to keep our current regulars. The customers have been happy with the transition so far; now we’re simply building the relationship between them and the new owners," Vivian explains. "Our goal is to build similar relationships with the new generation of customers and keep them coming back for the next 20 years. And while there are some changes we would like to make, we know we need to take it step-by-step and make sure the customers are with us along the way.”

Romana Pizza and Steakhouse
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