The One Restaurant
By YP Contributor

The One and Only

The One Restaurant is all about fun. As manager Stella puts it, they are “The One and the only...when you come into this restaurant, you get energized. There is no other place quite like it.”

What is it about The One that makes them so enjoyable to visit? The staff is bright and friendly, happy to be working together. The bosses treat the staff like family, and the staff treats the customers with the same warmth and respect. The positive atmosphere is definitely a reflection of the company’s values. The One’s owner brought these values with her from her first noodle house, opened in Taiwan in 1949. You might say that The One, which opened in 2010, is the Burnaby version of that first restaurant.

The One and the only...when you come into this restaurant, you get energized. There is no other place quite like it. - Stella, manager
The One Restaurant

A Great Place for a Celebration

There are other contributing factors to The One’s energetic atmosphere. Stella, the manager, is one of them. She’s cheerful and enthusiastic, always ready to have a laugh.

“Everybody’s pretty funny and happy here!” she exclaims. “We have karaoke music and two really big screens here, and we play music throughout the day and evening. It really sets a party mood. We get in lots of big groups, so some people feel more free to sing along, and everyone has a lot of fun; it’s a great place to come if you want to have a celebration.”

This inclusive environment encourages people to join in the karaoke singing, even those who might feel too shy in other circumstances.

The One Restaurant

A Taste of Taiwan

While the lively atmosphere is a draw, it’s the great-tasting Taiwanese dishes at The One that keeps diners satisfied. Given the restaurant owner’s start in the business, it’s not surprising that The One serves one of Taiwan’s national dishes, beef noodle soup. “The broth we make is a rich, dark colour, and filled with all kinds of delicious ingredients,”explains Stella. “But besides that, we use extremely high quality beef. Then we add green onions and sour mustard to garnish and add texture. It’s awesome. This soup is just like the soup you find everywhere in Taiwan.”

For diners with heartier appetites, The One serves “a pork chop the size of a human face,” says Stella proudly. Is she joking? “No, I’m totally serious” she says. “It’s huge!” And you’ll find some killer chicken nuggets on the menu, too. Seasoned with traditional Taiwanese flavours, they’re one of the most popular items they serve.

Then there’s the slush. “It’s sort of like a Slurpee, but we make it so you can really pile it high. It’s amazing; sometimes the slush is 30 cm! We love the expression on someone’s face when we bring it to the table. It’s hilarious!” Celebrating a birthday? You can get birthday slush; they’ll put candles in and they’ll sing you the birthday song. With these kinds of antics, you’re sure to have fun at The One.

The One Restaurant
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