The Bark Scouts
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Being a Pet Owner can be 'Ruff'

Without doggy day cares, some of our furry little friends might not get the attention and exercise they need day-to-day. Caroline Pike opened The Bark Lounge in 2010 to give the people of Coquitlam peace of mind when it comes to their pets' wellbeing. With walks, doggy sports, pet sitting and more, Caroline makes it easy to be a pet owner even when you have a demanding schedule to keep up with. "We're very flexible," Caroline explains. "Clients always love that we can change schedules last minute." Caroline and her team are all about making the experience easy for their customers and they're always willing to accommodate busy or shifting schedules.

We're dog and cat people. Spending time with them just makes our day. - Caroline Pike, Owner

Coquitlam’s Doggy Day Care Experts

The Bark Lounge has grown from a one-woman operation to a team of five loving staff members who are eager to welcome the community's pets into their lives. With a history of pet ownership and experience at various doggy day cares and vet offices, Caroline's team knows how to get the energy flowing when it comes to a pack of dogs. The team has the expertise to take care of dogs with special needs; whether it’s a senior dog with trouble walking or a dog with special medications, at The Bark Lounge they've seen it all. They're even trained in pet first aid so that you can rest easily with your dogs in the care of their expert hands.

The Bark Lounge. Private walks, group walks, dog sports, hotel bark, pet sitting

Loving Pet Care, Just Like Home

As you might expect from a team of professional dog walkers, everyone at The Bark Lounge loves their jobs. "We're dog and cat people," stresses Caroline. "Spending time with them just makes our day." That's why they take the time to give their customers the best experience possible down to the smallest details, like letting clients know what their pets have been up to. "We're very good about talking to our clients and keeping them in the loop," Caroline says. "Whether the dogs are playing too rough with the other dogs or they've made a new friend in the park, the owners will always know about it in a note or text message after the walk."

"People are able to go out and do their work or go and see friends without worrying about whether or not their dog's going to be sitting at the door cross-legged," assures Caroline. "They have peace of mind knowing that they can just call us and say, 'I'm going to be late today, can you let my dog out?' They don’t have to stress." The Bark Lounge also offers in-home pet sitting and walks through the park so that your pets never have to feel alone.

The Bark Lounge. Private walks, group walks, dog sports, hotel bark, pet sitting
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