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Pet Grooming from the Heart

Humans have found companionship with dogs for centuries, with the bond going beyond simple mutual enjoyment. In their own way, dogs listen to our problems, greet us each day with unparalleled excitement, and ask only to be petted and walked in return. For Tianna Tuohey, co-owner of the Bark Avenue Grooming & Bath pet salon, it’s important to take care of dogs as much as they take care of her, so it felt only natural for her to pursue this passion as a career.

“My mom loves dogs, too, so we thought, ‘Why not open a business together?’” recalls Tianna, who had previously moved from England to Canada together with her entire family in search of more opportunities. It was this willingness to try something new – in addition to close family bonds and a shared love for dogs – that led Tianna and her mother to open Bark Avenue Grooming & Bath in November 2013.

“We just want to work hard and give back to the community as best we can, in the way that we know how,” says Tianna.

What is great about our shop is that we have the luxury of it being quiet because it’s more one-on-one grooming. - Tianna Tuohey, co-owner
Bark Avenue Grooming & Bath

Grooming North Vancouver’s Dogs and Cats to Pet Show Perfection

When you take your dog or cat to Tianna, she’ll spend exactly as much time as your pet needs to feel comfortable and relaxed before the grooming experience begins. Whether this takes 10 minutes or six hours, what’s most important is that your furry family member is completely at ease. While dog and cat grooming salons are often in a rush to see as many clients per day as possible, Tianna always puts the needs of her canine and feline clients first.

Although Tianna and her mother have had to work hard to carve out their own spot in Vancouver’s pet-care community, it has been worth the effort. And with the positive feedback she has received from her customers, Tianna is driven to keep improving herself. She studied at the Western Dog Grooming School in 2011 where she received her certification in pet grooming. Building on this solid foundation of training, Tianna continues to focus on fine-tuning her skills as a groomer so that she can make North Vancouver’s dogs and cats look pet-show perfect.

Bark Avenue Grooming & Bath

Putting Pets’ Needs and Customers’ Preferences First

Have you ever wished you could temporarily trade in your cat or dog for a more ferocious animal? Tianna can help you with that. “Some people like what we call ‘the lion trim,’ so your cat looks like a little lion.” Of course, she’ll do this only if the owner expressly requests it, making sure to always listen carefully to her customers’ preferences.

However, simply grooming your cat or dog isn’t enough for Tianna – she’s eager to send your pet home in a calm and relaxed mood. “What is great about our shop is that we have the luxury of it being quiet because it’s more one-on-one grooming, rather than a bunch of pets being groomed in the same room at the same time,” she explains.

With such an environment, you can be confident that your pet is in good hands at Bark Avenue Grooming & Bath. Indeed, you have Tianna’s word for it: “We guarantee that your dog or cat will have an amazing experience!” she says.

Bark Avenue Grooming & Bath
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