Heringers Olde Fashioned Quality Meats
By Michelle Hopkins

Gourmet Deli Products, Served with a Smile

Heringers Meats is constantly buzzing with activity and customers. It’s hard to say which has more personality – the staff at Heringers or their cute little shop. In the heart of Steveston, this deli is lively, fun and fast-paced. When you walk into Heringers you’ll often catch Chad, his wife Karen or one of their great staff kibitzing with clients – many of whom they know by name and by their food preferences.

This village institution has even attracted the attention of Hollywood. In the early 90s, a Hollywood scout approached Heringers about renting out the shop for the day. The Los Angeles film crew wanted to shoot a scene for the movie The Man Upstairs, starring the late, great Hollywood star Katherine Hepburn and actor Ryan O’Neal. After filming, the catering chefs cooked the actors New York steaks — Ms Hepburn preferred hers blue rare.

We have customers who come in and say: ‘What’s for dinner tonight?’ and we are always glad to have a savory answer. - Chad Heringer, owner
Heringers Olde Fashioned Quality Meats - Old fashioned customer service, new and old school butchery

Bringing the Best of the World to Steveston

Karen, Chad and the Heringers team are passionate foodies always on the lookout for new products that they can share with their clients. It’s not uncommon for Chad to offer someone a taste of something new that they either cooked up in the shop’s kitchen or has just brought in from a company they love.

Heringers’ longevity is largely due to the shop’s great staff, two of whom are Red Seal chefs. “Wherever we travel, or when our chefs Kevin Turner or Mark Marin do, they check out food trends … if something is selling really well in restaurants or featured in a magazine we try to incorporate it in our line up.”

The shop features an amazing selection of local meats, artisan cheeses, pasta, condiments, home-made dips and much more. Heringers also does rotating counter specials, which vary depending on seasonality and what’s freshest. Apples from backyard fruit trees have made it into their turkey apple sausages. Then there’s the ragu, meatloaf, pulled pork, and mashed potatoes, as well as marinated meats that can go directly from the oven onto their customers’ dining room tables.If you’re looking for goat, sheep, or regular cow’s milk cheeseyou’re also in the right place — the tightly curated selection at Heringers is sure to deliver a great-tasting fromage. Then there are the world-class olive oils, dips, crackers, and other prepared foods to help you put together the perfect combination for a large dinner party or a romantic tete-a-tete. Many a customer has been saved from the challenge of feeding unexpected guests by a quick visit to Heringers.

Heringers Olde Fashioned Quality Meats - Old fashioned customer service, new and old school butchery

An Unwavering Passion for Food

As Steveston’s demographics have changed and it has become a bustling, sought-after postal code, it almost seems like Heringers is a little step back in time to when food really meant something. And food really does mean something to the team at Heringers — part of the reason Chad and Karen started the business was to work together doing something they were both truly passionate about.

They’ve turned this passion for food into something that keeps customers coming back for more. It all starts with a good relationship with suppliers and customers and carrying hundreds of great products that people want, explains the always affable Chad. “We have customers who come in and say: “What’s for dinner tonight?” and we are always glad to have a savory answer.”

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