Kisamos Greek Taverna
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Greek Cuisine that Runs in the Family

Named after a beautiful Greek island, Kisamos Taverna specializes in traditional Greek cuisine. The owner, Marino, grew up in the business as his parents owned several restaurants when he was a child. Then in 1997 he found the right location in Richmond and opened his own: Kisamos Taverna.

“My family has always been restaurant people," says Marino. "We love food. It was always my goal to start a restaurant, and here I am.”

What are the dishes you have to try? “The roast lamb is a staple on our menu and should be in every Greek restaurant in the world,” says Marino. “Also, people love our seafood, which is always fresh and delicious.”

One compliment we always get from people is that they are very happy with how much food they get for the price. - Marino, owner
Kisamos Taverna

Greek Dining for Everyone

Kisamos Taverna caters to all types of customers without limiting itself to one specific group. “We have all kinds of people in here. Young people, families, people on dates, older couples: Whether you’re having a nice dinner with your spouse or going out with friends, this is a perfect restaurant for you.”

Marino's restaurant boasts a warm, cozy atmosphere. Despite the high quality food, Kisamos is a casual place to dine. “We really try to make it a family place,” explains Marino. “In my life, restaurants have always been a family business. We want to make sure our restaurant is friendly and comfortable for everyone.”

Marino and everyone at Kisamos Taverna embrace the essence of traditional Greek cuisine. “Our prices are very fair, but our portion sizes are huge,” says Marino. “One compliment we always get from people is that they are very happy with how much food they get for the price.”

Kisamos Taverna

A Fresh & Authentic Taste of Greece

In an area full of restaurants, Marino knows the competitive reality of his industry. “It’s very busy and there’s lots of pressure. So far, our customers have always given us great feedback and reviews and the word-of-mouth advertising has been excellent. We need to make sure we keep pleasing our customers. This means we have to maintain our high quality food and customer service.”

For Marino, his restaurant is his life. “I work very long hours, seven days a week. You’re definitely not allowed to be lazy in this business. I make it my personal duty to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience.”

All of the dishes at Kisamos Taverna are cooked from scratch, embracing the homemade idea that makes traditional Greek food so appetizing. “We never pre-cook our food or cook from frozen. Everything is prepared fresh daily,” explains Marino. “My restaurant is like inviting people into my own home. The food is me: My personality, my work. My goal is always to make the customer happy with their food and their experience.”

Kisamos Taverna
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