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When Talia Erickson was developing her business, Budding Children’s Garden & Daycare, she used Zipcar as a model. While car sharing and childcare might not have much in common, Buddings Daycare is no more your typical daycare than ZipCar is a conventional car rental service.

Buddings Daycare is alone in Vancouver in offering flexible, drop in daycare for preschoolers and toddlers. With as little as an hour’s notice, parents and caregivers can drop kids off for a few hours, a morning or the full day. “I was inspired by companies that are technology-based and allow us to use things when we need them,” explains Talia. That inspiration is why you can do everything Buddings Daycare related – book your child in, change a booking, add hours to your account – online.

But despite her judicious use of technology and the fact that parents often say how useful the site is, Talia says what parents really love is “the relationships their children have with our staff, that’s the most important thing!”

Parents really love the relationships their children have with our staff, that's the most important thing! - Talia Erikson, administrator

Buddings on Broadway

Buddings Daycare occupies a bright, cheerful space close to Broadway and Oak. The daycare serves families with kids from 18 months to kindergarten age with kid-sized play tables, space for snacks and art, handy cubbies and more. Buddings Daycare has a 1:4 ratio of caregivers to kids, charges $15 an hour and caps a child’s time at 40 hours a month.

Parents make use of the flexibility that the daycare offers for all sorts of reasons: some call on Buddings Daycare when they have appointments or errands, others use it when their regular caregiver is sick, while others book their kids in for the same days and times each week because they appreciate the social and developmental opportunities it offers their children. “Parents often have a variety of childcare options in place, so we’re always there and we fit in around the edges, picking up any slack,” explains Talia.

Buddings Daycare offers flexible daycare services for preschoolers and toddlers.
Buddings' Big Kids Club, which focuses on social-emotional side of early education.

Flexible, Convenient, Fun

Buddings Daycare is Talia’s first business and it’s been a huge learning process. “All the ways I’ve grown are part of the growing the business has done,” she explains. “We started with two teachers and now we have eight and we’re able to offer more hours, including Saturday coverage. I was surprised to discover how much I love the HR part of the business, having staff and managing people is probably the most fun, and I also find the marketing and creative, challenging, rewarding.”

Recently Buddings Daycare added their Big Kids Club, which focuses on the social-emotional side of early education. This seasonal, afternoon program for kids aged two and half up is part of Talia’s larger goal to “be a hub for families, we host clothing swaps and other community events, we host birthday parties. We want to be the place that parents think of when they think of resources and convenience.”

Buddings Daycare offers flexible daycare services for preschoolers and toddlers.
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